HDD failed and installing a new one

  TOFF 16:15 26 Jun 2012


I have to replace my HDD as the old one failed. Using Windows 7 I have been backing up regularly including a system image.

As there will be no operating system on the computer initially, I am not sure how to go about this process. I have a Windows CD and a Dell drivers and resources CD. Once I have installed the new HDD in the casing, do I switch on, go to the boot menu and (having inserted the Windows CD in the drive), select to boot from the CD drive?

Assuming that I can then install Windows, then I guess I can reinstall my old system image.

Have I got this roughly correct or, if not, please advise what I should do?

  TOFF 13:58 05 Jul 2012

Sorry to bang on but what about a clean install of the W7 SP1 DVD? Only thing I may not have got right is the partitioning. I frankly don't understand what it is about. I have one small partition (and cannot be deleted) which is always there of only 15MB or so and then the rest is in another partition of 900+GB which is the one I have always selected to use in the many past failed attempts.

  lotvic 14:11 05 Jul 2012

Is this the small partition you mean? ClickHere and alsoClickHere

As for the W7 repair disk you made, boot from it and see what menu it brings up, you have nothing to lose by trying it.

  TOFF 14:52 05 Jul 2012

Thanks Lotvic. No I don't think this is the same partition. With the upgrade, you don't get to see the partitions anyway. As for the repair disk, let's see.....................

  TOFF 05:10 06 Jul 2012

Yes using correct upgrade. Again fruitless attempt at using repair disk. Told me to disconnect any newly installed peripheral such as a camera or mp3 player and the restart. Usual result ,i.e. not starting but offered me the opportunity to restore my image which am doing. This will put me back to where I was a week ago and unable to install SP1. Can i live with that?Thanks for all your ideas and help anyway.

  lotvic 11:07 06 Jul 2012

this could be pertinent ClickHere

"Run Windows Update and if you are offered the option to install update KB2454826, KB2534366, or KB2533552, install them. If you install the service pack from the Microsoft Download Center and do not install these updates, you could encounter a Stop error in Windows in rare cases."

"These updates will automatically be installed when you install the service pack by using Windows Update. However, these updates are not automatically installed when you install the service pack from the Microsoft Download Center."

  TOFF 11:22 06 Jul 2012

Thanks again and will try this.

  TOFF 06:32 07 Jul 2012

Hi Lotvic I'm afraid that didn't work either. The 3 updates were already on my machine so I ran update which naturally included SP1. On restart it only got to 10% before giving up (Error not found (0x80070490). Before you ask, I have done everything MS recommends. Can I not live without SP1? I have done for ages anyway.

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