HDD Enclosure

  mat79 19:04 31 Jan 2008

Hello - I would appreciate any help/advice with below

My old computer recently died. I have purchased a new one. I also bought an Icy Box External enclosure 3.5 so I could retrieve info. I placed my old Maxtor Diamond Max HDD in the enclosure and attached it to the new pc via a USB port. My new computer recognised this at first and I was able to transfer some files from old pc to new. However a short time later my new PC stopped recognising the external HDD. I have tried it for several days now and it still fails to recognise it. I have taken HDD out of enclosure and placed it back in and also tried connecting the Icy Box to another machine - no luck.

I note that the two LED's on the enclosure are on all the time. Indicating Power On and continued HDD access. This was not the case at first when it did work.

Is this likely to be a fault with the Icy Box or HDD?

Thanks in anticipation.

  rossgolf 19:39 31 Jan 2008

in the device manager is there any errors next to it ?

  mat79 19:42 31 Jan 2008

No its not even recognised in device manager

  hastelloy 20:09 31 Jan 2008

and the enclosure was faulty. Fortunately I had a spare HDD to try in the enclosure and a PC to put the HDD in as a slave. This proved that the HDD worked but the enclosure didn't. I had tried various USB ports and switched cables to eliminate these as being faulty.

  daveeb 20:14 31 Jan 2008

sometimes I find faults like this can be solved by booting the caddy first, then booting the pc. don't know why it works or if it will for you !.

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