HDD Disk sizing

  evan 11:06 31 Mar 2009

Some time ago on my original computer which had a Gigabyte GA-5AX motherboard, an AMD Duron processor and running Windows ME. I fitted a Maxtor 6E040L0 40GB hard disk. Unfortunately the system bios would only accept up to 32GB hard disks and somehow at that time I reduced the disk size to 32GB by I believe altering the number Heads, Cylinders, Sectors etc.

I now have a MSI K8MM-V motherboard , a AMD Sempron processor running Windows XP Pro and I would like to increase the hard disk back to the original 40GB but cannot find a way to do this, I’ve tried altering the active partition but it states that the maximum disk size is 32GB. Can you suggest the use of any program that will do this.

  MAJ 11:17 31 Mar 2009

If there's nothing on the drive that you want to keep, then try formatting it. If there are files on it you want to keep, back them up, then format the drive. Do you have more than one hard drive installed?

  MAJ 11:18 31 Mar 2009

PS. Don't format the drive if it's the drive that you have Windows installed on, unless you have the Windows CD to reinstall Windows.

  jimv7 11:37 31 Mar 2009

Check the hard drives jumpers, there might be 1 to restrict the drive to 32gb, read the information on the drives label.

If the drive has been restricted by software (dynamic drive overlay) then the only way to get the 40gb back is to format the drive.

  Eric10 11:43 31 Mar 2009

Following on from jimv7's post, look at click here and scroll down to "Limit drive capacity/Capacity Limitation Jumper (CLJ)". Also see click here.

  evan 11:14 01 Apr 2009

Thanks MAJ, jimv7 and Eric10. unfortunately reformating didnt work as it saying max disk size 31.4GB. There are no jumpers for CLJ fitted. to all intents and purposes I got a 32Gb hard disk inside the shell of a 40GB hard disk. anyone any further ideas.

  jimv7 11:41 01 Apr 2009

click here and download the maxtor and seagate tools, try formatting the drive with these, there should be an option to remove the dynamic drive overlay.

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