hdd disk capacity low , can I fix ?

  ma001uk 03:05 07 Feb 2017

Hi, I bought a 2.5 inch hard disk for laptop. Model initio DK23DA-30. This is supposed to have capacity about 140GB. In partitioning it I seem to have set it so it has capacity 28GB! It has 63 sector/track, 3648 cylinders, 255 head. Can I increase no of cylinders to increase capacity. Are there any free tools available. I have EaseUS partion master free version.

Thank you.

  alanrwood 09:54 07 Feb 2017

Reformat it in NTFS not FAT. FAT partitions have a max size. Easus PM will be able to do this. The statistics you include are just for compatibility as the HDD interface controls where data is stored.

  ma001uk 16:26 07 Feb 2017


It is formatted in NTFS and gives the lower capacity. I have installed HDD capacity restore tool ( crsetup.exe) but gives me 'error opening driver' when i try to run it. I am using windows 10 Pro os. Are there other tools i can use? I am trying to restore original factory hard drive capacity.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:59 07 Feb 2017

Check in disk management that the disk you are manipulating is disk 1 (disk 0 should be the hard drive with windows on) if you have another drive just subsitute the disk number in the instructions below.

This operation deletes all data on the disk.

At a command prompt, type: Diskpart.exe At the DISKPART prompt, type: Select Disk 1 At the DISKPART prompt, type: CLEAN ALL (The CLEAN ALL command removes all partition and volume information from the hard drive being focused on.) At the DISKPART prompt, type: Exit

  lotvic 18:34 07 Feb 2017

Is this new harddrive the only one in the laptop or is it a 2nd harddrive?

Does the new harddrive have the operating system on it?

When you look in Disk Management is there any unallocated space?

I have EaseUS partion master free version

You can use that to extend the partition.

  ma001uk 03:06 08 Feb 2017

This drive is portable external , no operating system, used for data. It has three partitions of about 10GB each. I connect it to PC using USB port. This is supposed to be 140GB. I bought it to replace HD in laptop but had to buy another as I somehow reduced capacity on it. I could not figure out how to get back to 140GB. I managed to install second drive in laptop correctly.

There is 7.84 Mb unallocated space on disk.

Looking at tools to restore factory capacity I seem to get atola technology tool on all web sites. I have downloaded it and tried to run but get ' error opening driver '. I use win 10 pro operating system, is there anyway I can fix this error? was this tool developed for earlier op system i.e. xp ?


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