HDD Data removal & is their any software which can

  Fried~Chips 23:54 11 Oct 2008

Probably been covered this item a few times or more but with technology change and new software packages arround and more experienced peoples help I ask the following.

I have a number of HDD's which i need to totally remove all data off so its beyond recognition. The HDD's have been formatted but from past knowledge reading in the forum data can be recovered if someone with the knowledge could.

So, can or is their any free or payable software which can totally remove data from these HDD's.


  DieSse 00:06 12 Oct 2008

Killdisk click here

  Fried~Chips 00:12 12 Oct 2008

Can I ask, have you tried this Killdisk ? & have tried to recovery something after using it ? could you find anything on the HDD after.

  DieSse 00:36 12 Oct 2008

I've tried it to wipe drives clean for my reuse and in troubleshooting - but never tried to recover data afterward.

If you're very concerned, that the drives may be forensically examined on a special machine, then you could buy the paid version, which wipes to various military standards.

The company is reputable - I would trust their software to do what it says - if it didn't someone somewhere would have exposed it by now!

  Fried~Chips 11:58 12 Oct 2008

Will the Free version do the job. To stop say amatures from finding anything in your opionion, thanks.

  DieSse 13:21 12 Oct 2008

To stop amateurs - the free version is totally fine.

dban click here is another

and Seatools wipe to zeroes another (if you've got a Seagate or Maxtor drive.

click here

They're all free - why not use them all if you wish.

  Fried~Chips 15:24 12 Oct 2008

As always, Trusted and reliable source of info. Thank U DieSse !

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