HDD Data Recovery

  Charence 20:53 07 Jul 2004

I'd like to have a go at recovering files from a faulty Hard Disk myself but I'm unsure of where to start.

Any advice?



  ollie < one> 21:05 07 Jul 2004

hi had the same problems myself ive found the best program to use was easy recovery this did a fantastic job and recovered 98%of my files.i did use a few of the free ones but to be honest these did not do much at all tried a couple of the trial ones but at the end of the process they ask for payment before recovering any info
easy recovery took 8 hrs to recover 37gb so not to bad as i ran this over night good luck

  THE TERMINATOR 21:06 07 Jul 2004

Have you got the HDD installed as slave drive? If you have you need a program like drive rescue....TT

  Charence 21:08 07 Jul 2004

the HDD is a master, it won't even boot up. Would I have to install it as a slave then run the recovery programs on it from another drive?

  ollie < one> 21:13 07 Jul 2004

do you have a second hard drive on your comp

  Charence 21:19 07 Jul 2004

yes, my computer has two HDD in addition to the faulty one.

  THE TERMINATOR 23:59 07 Jul 2004

It would be highly probable that until you can fix the faulty drive (as you want to), it will not boot up, so installing it as slave is your only option....TT

  TomJerry 01:04 08 Jul 2004

click here

This is a super package for any recovery task. The package can be put on a bootable CD, so you boot machine from CD and run recovery tasks from there. Recovery data can be put to external hard disk or CDR.

If you know a PC support (or PC crazy) guy, you can ask him to help you. A lot of suppot guys have WinXP PE on CD (kind of Mini-Live XP CD, i.e. run XP completly from a CD/DVD), on this CD/DVD, they normally have a lot of tools installed (including disk recovery tools). Technically, you can make this magic CD yourself if you have licences for all programs needed.

Install 2nd HDD is not necessary if you use ERD commander.

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