HDD complete copy of !!

  machine minder 21:59 07 Apr 2003

I would like to make a complete and entire copy of all the data on my hard drive......I have about 4gb of data on it including windows 98 se..
I have a copy of 'norton ghost' and a copy of 'drive image'.
Unfortunately due to the fact I'm a bit dim with computers I have no idea how to use either of these utilities..I want to put all the current data on my hard drive onto cd's so that i can just replace any corrupt or damaged or accidently deleted files from cd.
Can I do this ..and in simple terms how..????
Thanks for any help and/or advice... : ))
(My hard drive has a 40 gb capacity and the system has an Athlon 1700xp processor and 512 mb ram)

  pj123 22:05 07 Apr 2003

Go to your local Newsagents and buy a copy of PC Answers Issue 117 April 2003 the Free disk is Acronis which will backup all your hard disks to CD.

i have just tried it and it works.

  Gerrycan 22:42 07 Apr 2003
  Switcher 23:49 07 Apr 2003


  Soy (AKA tran1) 23:57 07 Apr 2003

Drive image 2002 is also a good program for Hard drive image backups.

  John-259217 00:12 08 Apr 2003

If your copy of drive image is the 2002 version you should find it easy to do your cd backups using the initial backup wizard. I don`t know if the older versions have this but I found this much easier than Norton Ghost which can require more reading/understanding to produce the required result. It will also let you partition your hard drive and keep a backup available directly. This restores your system much quicker than using CD`s but I still like to keep a set available just in case (paranoid !!!). Make sure you create the Drive Image startup floppies otherwise you may get stuck later. Its worth mentioning some CD writers may be problematic with either program - there not all supported.

  Gandalph 00:23 08 Apr 2003

The May issue of PCA has a section on backing up and makeing boot disks. You may find some interesting tips. :-)

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