HDD Capacity incorrectly assigned

  Ian 12:04 02 Mar 2003

I have recently installed a new 20 Gig HDD but it only shows as being a 2 gig HDD, any idea how to correct this?

  DieSse 12:17 02 Mar 2003

There are many possible reasons

Your system may only support up to 2Gb (Win95, Win98original)

Your motherboard may only support up to 2Gb

You may have set it up wrongly - you must answer Y to the the first fdisk question about "Large hard drive support".

One or some of the above may apply to yoiu, but you will need to tell us more details about your system for suggestions how to rectify.

  DieSse 13:31 02 Mar 2003

By email

"It is a standby PC, Pentium II, 450 with 128 ram. It originally had a 13 Gig HD and has previously held a 20 gig HD.Any ideas please?"

When you set it up with fdisk - did you answer Y to the "Do you want Support for Large hard drives?" question?

  Ian 13:49 02 Mar 2003

Hum, not sure, perhaps not. Does this mean that I shall have to re-install everything from sratch again?

  Hanks 14:11 02 Mar 2003

Have you tried running 'Drive converter FAT(32)'. You may be running FAT 16 file system which only supports hard drives of up to 2GB.

Windows selects this (FAT16)as it's default file system.

Disk converter can be found under system tools next to de-frag etc. If you cannot see it you will have to install it from your Windows disk.

Hope this solves it.

  DieSse 14:36 02 Mar 2003

Yu could use the drive converter - IMHO it's better to bite the bullet and re-install from scratch. Gives you a cleaner build which pays in the long run.

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