HDD - Can I Check 4 Probs

  The Paul 16:40 04 Jan 2004

I think that my HDD is in trouble. I have been having probs for a while and this culminated in having to reofrmat and reinstall O/S. See previous thread. click here

I suspected CD drive but today I have had 4 crashes. Event Viewer states that they are to do with System Error - 1003 or Service Control Manager 7034 & 7035.

Could it be my HDD is on the blink and if so how can I check this before contacting the guy who built my system. Cheers - Paul

  The Paul 19:05 04 Jan 2004

Not sure of maker - the Device Manager shows - ST380011A if that helps.

jim1947 - looking into the link now thanks.

Gongoozler - not sure who maker is of my HDD.

Chegs - incoming ???

  powerless 19:08 04 Jan 2004
  powerless 19:11 04 Jan 2004
  The Paul 19:44 04 Jan 2004

Chegs - thanks for email - I'm downloading it now.

DieSse - I'm downloading the link tool as I write.

Powerless - downloading SeaTool now.

I'll get all the tests completed and let you know how I get on.

Thanks all of you for your help.

  The Paul 21:47 04 Jan 2004

Got it this time - many thanks. Test results were a pass but not top of the class.

Powerless - ran HDD tests -both quick test and long test. Both came back showing that my drive is fine.????

  The Paul 22:15 04 Jan 2004

I must be the ultimate IT eegit. I have tried 5 times to download the prog that you linked me to and everytime I try to boot from the floppy disc - it either reports a fault or hangs the PC.

Apart from that - all other tests show that the system is OK?????

Where else can I look.

  The Paul 22:28 04 Jan 2004

I kind of think you are right here. I'm going to have a chat with the guy who built the system and probably end up paying for a new HDD which I will use for the O/S and use the old drive for back ups.

I'll tick this as resolved as I dont think there is much more we can do.

Thanks everyone. Paul

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