HDD caddy's...the size? and how do they work

  Magik ®© 13:34 28 Sep 2005

hi,I kept the HDD out of my desktop PC, and now thinking of using it for storage with a caddy thingy, first they do the caddy's for 3 and a half inch drives and 5 inch drives, how do you measure them,the one i have is 4x6x1 inch, and secondly, with the caddy,do they come with a power lead, and a muti pin socket which took the ribbon cable when it was inside the PC..........thanks

  jimv7 14:16 28 Sep 2005

The caddy comes in 2 parts, an outer which is the size of a cdrom and fits the same way, with the ide lead and power supply.

The inner which holds the hard drive and slides in the outer and connects via a push fit connection.

  De Marcus™ 14:20 28 Sep 2005

The 3.5" caddies are for hardrives.

The 5" caddies are for cd/dvd drives.

  ventanas 14:21 28 Sep 2005

Normal HDD's take a three and a half inch caddy, and they work fine. I have three bought from click here Very cheap and delivered next day. They all come with all the cables required. USB; Firewire and the IDE ribbons already internally connected. Just connect them up as you would inside the pc.

  Audeal 14:27 28 Sep 2005

Magik ®©; These Caddy's are a bit outdated now but still very useful to some people. Do you have one or can you get one to install into your case. If not, I have got one in my "Bits & Pieces" box, but it no longer has a lock on it. If you are interested, I could let you have it if you contact me with your details. Audeal

  Magik ®© 14:37 28 Sep 2005

thanks all, for the information, The HDD i have i was thinking of using it as storage for the laptop,

and thanks Audeal for the offer, very nice of you.

so one last point, I take it my 4x6x1 drive would be classed as a 3.5 inch drive, if not i am stuffed.....

thanks again

  woodchip 14:40 28 Sep 2005

And you can also get a small 2.5" caddy for a laptop drive. They are easy to setup and run from USB port. you set the Drive to Master and plug the EIDE and power Plug into the Drive then just fix the top. A Xp computer will load drivers automatic but with Win98 or WinME you have to load drivers from the supplied CD

  Magik ®© 14:53 28 Sep 2005

thats handy, cos i do so happen to have a spare laptop drive, thanks

  interzone55 15:15 28 Sep 2005

To answer you question, the 3.5 & 2.5 inch sizes refer to the inner platter of the hard disk, not the external dimensions.
The only thing you may have to watch for os the height of the drive, which does vary from drive to drive, depending on the number of platters inside the drive.

The 5.25 inch caddies are for Optical drives.

  Magik ®© 15:51 28 Sep 2005

thank you...........i now understand, nice one, and i will tick the box...

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