hdd backup.

  mac75 20:41 26 May 2003

i have tried to make a bootable image of my hdd on to another hdd but i can't get the pc to boot with it.i have tried using norton ghost,drive image and partition manager,but with no success. can anyone out there help put me on the right lines.i would appreciate it very much.thanks.

  Lú-tzé 21:40 26 May 2003

Have a look at click here for a guide to NortonGhost - it might give some suggestions to what may be wrong.

  powerless 21:42 26 May 2003

Have you set the partiton Active?

note that with norton ghost you need to make a clone not an image. the manual(pdf) that comes with ghost is fairly exhaustive on the subject.

  Wak 15:31 27 May 2003

Hi, I use XXCOPY from click here and it will clone my C:\ drive to my D:\ drive in about two minutes flat including the operating system, all system files, registry, programs and data files.

Download xxcopy.exe, install it, then go to Start/ Programs/ MS DOS Prompt and type:-


If your C;\drive ever fails just reverse the command line and it will clone the D:\ drive back to the C:\ drive again.

The best back-up system ever as far as I'm concerned.

  mac75 19:46 27 May 2003

thanks for all the help guys, i appreciate it very much.sorry for taking so long to reply. i had to go off line last night and i've just got back on.
" powerless"
i did make the back drive active,but it wouldn't boot. i'll have to look at the suggestions from lu-tze(sorry i don't know how to get the bits on the e's),horiz5 and wak.and i'll get back to you if i have time. thanks for now anyway.

  mac75 20:11 29 May 2003

hi wak,

if you're reading this,thank you very much for your help.i used xxcopy and it worked a treat.
thanks to the rest of you also,without you guys us old pea-brains would be lost.bye for now.


  Wak 09:57 30 May 2003

You're welcome.
Always a pleasure to pass on such a good program as XXCOPY.

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