HDD Advice Please

  gcook 20:05 30 Jan 2006

I am wanting to buy a second Hard Drive for my PC as the original is now getting full. My PC has an IDE ATA-100 drive.I was looking to get one with 160Gb or so. I have looked at various sites such as dabs and scan. There are so many types Im not sure which to go for. Some sites call them IDE, some UDMA and IDE PATA which I know is Parallel ATA. Is there any difference between "IDE PATA" and "IDE/UDMA" Would I have to get a ATA-100 drive or would a ATA-133 be backward compatible?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Would I also need a connecting IDE lead and power lead? Any preference on brands would be good too.

Thanks in advance.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:19 30 Jan 2006

All those abbreviations effectively refer to the same thing. Whether ATA100 or 133 makes no difference.

  rmcqua 20:29 30 Jan 2006

You will need an IDE connecting lead (they are a flat ribbon cale with connectors at each end - sometimes come with a new HDD but if not you can get one from your nearest computer shop).
New power lead shouldn't be necessary - the power supply in your PC will almost certainly have a spare cable/connector that is currently unused.

  woodchip 20:33 30 Jan 2006

And the Ribbon cable needs to be 80 wires

  gcook 20:37 30 Jan 2006

Thats fine then, thanks for your help. Will get one ordered up. I notice on Scan that the Hitachi Deskstar, Western Digital and Seagate Barracuda are all about the same price of £54. Or I could get a 200Gb Western Digital or Maxtor for only £6 more. May go for one of those.

Are brands pretty much as good as each other? Are there any that you would go for above any other?

  Ray5776 00:07 31 Jan 2006

Seagate or Maxtor would be my choice.


  belt_and_braces 01:01 31 Jan 2006

Maxtor come with a very handy disk copying and cloning tool...

  Gringo2005 07:33 31 Jan 2006

I prefer Seagate drives but Western Digital and Maxtor are good aswell

Try here

click here

  gcook 18:29 01 Feb 2006

Thanks for the advice. I am considering the Seagate as you advised Gringo or going for the Maxtor DiamondMax drive thats further down on the same link. I notice its an ATA133 drive but will still work perfectly well with my ATA100 setup I was informed earlier.

The thing that might swing it in favour of the Maxtor is the copying belt and braces mentioned. I could then use the new drive as the primary.

Thanks everyone for your help. Its great that so many knowledgeable people are willing to help on these forums!

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