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HDD activity light not working.

  Simsy 11:41 04 Sep 2010


I've just completed a new build PC and all seems to be well...

Except for the fact that the HDD activity LED doesn't work. By swapping over the "Power On" and "HDD activity" connection on teh mobo I've proved that the problem is simply a blown LED...

Now this is a feature that I enjoy/want/need... (well let's say make use of!), so Iwant to get it working. It's a new case, from eBuyer, but I don't want to return the whole case, at that seems ridiculous on many levels, so I've raised an eNote with them asking if they could just send a replacement LED...

In the event that they can't/wont do this I'll look to replace the LED myself by other means, however, I've no idea what spec LED I should be looking for. I've a mate who messes with electronics and says he'll let me have what I need, but what do I need?

The currrent one has a diameter of about 3mm, and is red. Anyone known what spec I need for the HDD activity LED... eg voltage etc?

Thanks in advance,



  northumbria61 11:53 04 Sep 2010

Simsy - there is an item here on replacing a "power light" LED which should help as to how to proceed - pay attention to No. 7 in list - click here

Item No 7 - Take the bulb and the wires to a local computer parts store. Ask the clerk to help you find an exact replacement. In most cases "close enough" is not good enough: LED bulbs that are too large will not fit in the front panel correctly. If the store does not have a good replacement, try searching for the part on line.

Read more: How to Change the LED Light for the Power Button on Your PC | click here

  northumbria61 11:56 04 Sep 2010

I think you are more likely to get a new LED from your local computer shop than one from E-Buyer - I don't think they will carry spares and your only option with them would be to return the case for replacement.

  Pine Man 11:58 04 Sep 2010 the place to get one. click here

  Simsy 11:59 04 Sep 2010

Is the reference;
"In most cases "close enough" is not good enough"
referring to the physical size of the LED, or the electronic characteristics?




  Simsy 12:00 04 Sep 2010

Other responses there came as I was typing!




  northumbria61 12:36 04 Sep 2010

Refers to the physical size of the LED.

  Ian in Northampton 13:46 04 Sep 2010

And if all that doesn't work, you could always go here:

click here

I've used it for years, ever since acquiring a PC with no hard disk activity light on the case.

  Simsy 19:32 04 Sep 2010

Much appreciated.



  woodchip 22:48 04 Sep 2010

Local Dump Sit, they have lots of thrown Desktop PC's you remove front by pulling it off to get to leds

  Simsy 19:50 05 Sep 2010

from my son's old PC, that's just about ready for dismantling! Don't know why I didn't hink of it before!

Thanks all.



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