HDD Active Partitions

  Gran 11:12 25 Sep 2008

I wonder if anyone can please clarify my confusion about the Active Partition on hard drives? I have three internel physical HDDs on my system, running XP. They are all three single primary partitions. As normal, 'C' is the system drive. 'D' and 'E' are just for data.

My understanding is that only one of these should be Active, i.e. the 'C' system/boot drive. However, both of the other drive/partitions are flagged Active as well, and even though I've used Acronis Disk Director to delete and re-partition each one, I cannot seem to remove the active flag. It seems to switch on automatically when they are formatted.

Despite searching the web for an answer, I'm now beginning to think that maybe one partition on each physical drive should always be active as default, but still remain rather confused about this.

Can anyone help please?

  woodchip 11:43 25 Sep 2008

Different drives all have the first partition Active

  woodchip 11:43 25 Sep 2008

Is there a Problem With how your computer is running?????

  Gran 11:58 25 Sep 2008

Thank you for your reply Woodchip. It clears up my confusion brilliantly in a way most of the textbooks left ambiguous.
No problem with my computer. I've just installed a dual boot Vista/XP system which is OK up to now. I just couldn't explain why my data drives were flagged active, but you have cleared that up now.
Kind regards. Julia.

  woodchip 14:06 25 Sep 2008

Glad to help

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