[DELETED] 23:16 06 Aug 2003

Has anyone any experience of this programme?.
As one of my HDs is on the way out I decided to transfer contents of this 'diffy' disc,complete with OS (Windows 98SE)- to a new HD - then after changing slave/master links etc attempted to boot up on new HDD without any luck x PC goes thru normal boot sequence then, just before 'Windows' screen would normally appear a command prompt appears at foot of screen (normal) but then stays there with flashing cursor instead of the cursor moving to the top of the screen and 'Windows' appearing.
Fdisc and format dealt with before transfer.
Visible contents of both discs identical before and after attempts.
"Failing disc " still useable. I am on it now. Any ideas please?. Gugs

  [DELETED] 23:36 06 Aug 2003

Make your new disc the slave and boot into windows. Go to Start, Run and type in xcopy c:\*.* /e/h/k/r/c D: and press enter. When it is finished make the new disk the master and reboot.

  [DELETED] 23:38 06 Aug 2003

What program did you use to copy the drive over with.

If you just copied and pasted, you would have left an aweful lot of important files behind.

Boot sector files being part of it.

  [DELETED] 07:07 07 Aug 2003

Try click here more so click here and perhaps the question about SID

  [DELETED] 10:37 07 Aug 2003

Go to the manufacturers website for the new HDD. Most of them have utilities which will shadow your old drive to the new one.


  [DELETED] 19:04 07 Aug 2003

Have a look at XXCOPY at click here.
This program will copy (clone) everything from your old hdd to your new hdd, including system files, registry, programs, data files.
After installing XXCOPY just go to Start/ Programs/ MSDOS-Prompt and type;-


It's Free, Quick and Easy.

  [DELETED] 19:38 07 Aug 2003

Especially pj123 - How did u come by that command string? - it worked a treat, although I had to uninstal/reinstall Norton afterwards to get that working again. I am now on new HD.
Wak - I've got a copy of XXCOPY for possible future experiments.

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