Hd will not defrag

  SB23 20:09 29 Apr 2010

For the last few weeks my pc has been very slow, and its only been today that I've had time to look at it.
I did all the usual things with a nice defrag last, but would you believe it, afterwards, and after a reboot the hd is still reporting 43% defragmented, with all the pretty colours all over the place.
I've run dedraggler, auslogics, and just tried Smart Defrag, all report that they are done, but according to XP it still needs to defrag the volume.
Is something up, or am I missing something else?



  SB23 21:01 29 Apr 2010

Oops, that should read defraggler.

  sunnystaines 21:06 29 Apr 2010

try this excellent free defrag program

click here

  peter99co 23:26 29 Apr 2010

How much space have you spare on the drive?

  northumbria61 23:40 29 Apr 2010

Suggestions here - click here

  SB23 13:59 30 Apr 2010

Sorry for not replying sooner, but the hd has 45% free space, or so it says.

  maghemite 14:22 30 Apr 2010

Not an uncommon problem; the incomplete defrag is most likely due to fragmented system files like the master file table and page file. Look up the defrag analysis for 'undefragmentable' files, that'll provide more information.

The windows defragger cannot defrag these files. You can always get one of the free trial versions of advanced utilities such as Diskeeper 2010 and use it for your purpose. You may need to run a boot-time defrag. These trial versions work exactly like the real deal for a month or so..that should be sufficient time.

  SB23 21:21 30 Apr 2010

With thanks to sunnystaines the Mydefrag program has done it.
It would appear that it was a backup that I had done, transfered to an external hd and somehow not deleted from this pc, and forgotten about.
It was the defrag analysis that maghemite suggested I look at, and I'm glad I did because it was all over the place.

Thanks to all


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