HD v dead! Data retrieval in the Midlands?

  Alastair05 15:51 25 Nov 2016

Hi, after 20 years as a graphic designer without and real mac problems 2 weeks ago my HD flashed twice and disappeared forever!! Took my old 2007 iMac to Western Computers in Leamington Spa for help. They were very professional and installed a new SSD for me but they couldn't get any of the data from the broken drive. They recommended another outfit but their reviews on-line were awful. When you then look in to data retrieval companies it is like a minefield of underhand crooks who will hold you to ransom if they can get any data back. Does anybody know of a company in the Midlands who are trustworthy and won't charge me £500 to get my data back? Thanks!

  Jollyjohn 15:13 26 Nov 2016

I have used this company in the past click here I know they are in Cardiff, not the Midlands, I live in Perth.

They will only charge for what they recover, in my case I didn't need the music on the drive and so it halved the recovery cost.

  Burn-it 17:42 26 Nov 2016

There's one or used to be, in an industrial estate just outside Tamworth. I think they are on the web.

  Burn-it 17:44 26 Nov 2016

Look up Disklabs or just "data recovery tamworth".

  lotvic 18:31 26 Nov 2016

Yeah, mostly it's the physical mechanism that's kaput, if so to read and rescue data they can take it apart and do a temp mend or take out the shiny round disk and put it in another bit of their kit. Here's some youtube vids of interest click here

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