HD type - ATA or IDE?

  [email protected] 13:48 08 Sep 2005

I need a second internal HD for my Compaq Presario Win98, could someone explain what the difference between IDE and ATA is?
I was after a Maxtor Diamondmax and the software to overcome the 8Gb bios limitation-apparently :-).


  Chegs ® 13:58 08 Sep 2005
  woodchip 14:17 08 Sep 2005

The ATA just means that it's a faster drive than just a EIDE. But they are both EIDE drives

  [email protected] 14:56 08 Sep 2005

OK thanks. I guess then that I'm OK with the ATA-133 as long as it's 40pin and not 80 pin.

I hope the Maxblast works -I'm not particularly looking forward to fiddling with the BIOS i.e. apparently I have to turn off autodetect and set to "none".


  woodchip 15:29 08 Sep 2005

You should use a 80 Wire Ribbone cable with the drive. The pins on the drives are all the same, 40 pin

  [email protected] 15:43 08 Sep 2005

Ah...Ok, 80 wire is 40 pin anyway. Thanks.


  DieSse 18:25 08 Sep 2005

If you have a BIOS 8Gb limitation, then you probably don't need an 80wire cable, as your system will probably only run up to ATA33 at maximum.

Just a note of caution - these BIOS fooling programs work in most cases - but not all. I've had systems where they don't. Unfortunately it's not possible to tell in advance whether or not they will work (unless you can find out someones experiences on an identical system - and I do mean dentical).

  DieSse 18:35 08 Sep 2005

PS -

ATA = Advanced Technology Attachment

IDE = Integrated Drive Electronics

Mean the same thing, and are used interchangeably.

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