HD Temp a bit high

  ruskle 20:49 24 May 2006

I have just run PC Wizard and the temperature is 42 degrees C. The fan is still cutting in and out, I am only browsing this forum and nothing else running. CPU usage is about 2% and Memory usage is a max of 355 Mb out of 1Gb. The Laptop is raised about 1 inch from my desk at the back and no obstructions.. I just feel it seems a bit warm in front of the keyboard
Should I worry that I have a problem.


  ruskle 21:07 24 May 2006

Forgot to mention, I am connected to the interent via Wi Fi, which is showing 36Mbps. If that matters. Temp now 39C

  Totally-braindead 21:16 24 May 2006

What temperature does the BIOS say it is? And how do you know the hard drive is the temperature you say, as far as I know there isn't a temperature sensor on a hard drive.

  De Marcus™ 21:17 24 May 2006

Laptops do generally come with temp sensors, and yours sounds perfectly normal.

  bjh 10:01 25 May 2006

Laptop hard disks do tend to run quite hot, normally without problems. Most laptops, even from a cheap supplier, will have a very standard config (same cases, mobo, hdd, processors, etc), and so will all generate the same amount of heat. So first suggestion is : what make & model is it? One of us might have the same, and be able to give comparable figures & advice.
Overall, this doesn't sound like cause for too much concern.

Things you can do are; make sure the airflow isn't too obstructed by the surface (ie a lap; never use a cushion to sit it on when using it on a lap), make sure the airflow holes are clean.

Presumably it has a cooling fan inside. Does this stay on all the time, or does it cut in & out?. If the latter, that suggests that the machine is moderately happy at its own temp.

My laptop HDD gets up to 39° and seems quite happy.

  ruskle 10:03 25 May 2006

Thanks De Marcus, This is the reading 5 mins after startup this morning, it is a Tosh lappy by the way. I can't find any reference to a BIOS temperature.

Hard Disk Temperature HTS541080G9AT00 : 18 °C

I was just a bit concerned because the keyboard rest felt a bit warm where my hands touched, I will keep montoring and if I see a higher reading I will give the fan a good blow out.
What do you think is a a critical temperature?


  Pine Man 11:15 25 May 2006

Having read this thread and, specifically the response from Totally-Braindead, I felt the need to start a new thread. click here

  ruskle 11:16 25 May 2006

Sorry bjh I missed your posting.
The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite, (the new one with the bronze coloured lid) 1Mb memory, Centrino M740. 1733mhz (running at 1728.95.
Temp is now 35c. after standing 1 hour.
Probably no problems.
Is it easy to clean out the fan ducting, without wrecking anything?
Thanks again.


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