HD size not correct

  the-george 19:35 03 May 2010

Have just fitted a second hd into pc (Running XP).
In boot up info it shows as 30752Mb which is ok as drive is supposed to 30Gb.
In XP under My computers the size only shows up as 11.91 Gb. In the disc management console it shows as 11.92 Gb in top panel but in bottom panel where it is labelled Disk 1 it is 28.63 Gb. It is also shown as Healthy and Active.
I intend to use this disk to make a clone of the current active drive just in case of future problems but 11.91 Gb would not be bif enough. How do I get windows to recognise the correct size of the drive?

  the-george 20:48 03 May 2010

Anybody got any ideas?

  bremner 20:49 03 May 2010

In My Computer what does it say for Total Size and Free Space?

In Disk Management [Top Entry]what does it say for Capacity and Free Space?

  bremner 20:50 03 May 2010

....and in Disk Management [Bottom Pane] what does it say next to 28.63GB

  mgmcc 20:53 03 May 2010

The top panel could be showing an 11.9GB partition on the drive, where the bottom panel is showing the actual drive size. Does the bottom panel show any "Unallocated Space" or more than one partition?

  the-george 20:59 03 May 2010

My Computer - both say 11.9
Disk Management - both say 11.91

In the boot up info it says - slave - 30752Mb
and in bottom panel which shows any extended parts etc it shows in as Disk 1, 28.63Gb, a primary partition (fat32, Healthy (Active).

Disk 0 is also fat 32 by the way.

  the-george 21:15 03 May 2010

Bottom panel in Disk management does not show any extended/logical parts.
Disk 0 does as I have added an extended partition to that.
The 'new' disk was fdisked to get rid of old partitions and then reformatted in the old pc it was in using a floppy startup disk.
If I made a mistake and only partitioned part of it how could I correct in XP ( i.e. without removing the drive and putting back in old pc?

  the-george 21:29 03 May 2010

Think it is solved. Went to do a format in My computer and the correct size was shown in the format box. Did a quick format and My computer now shows it as 28.63 Gb.

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