HD question - from a comp noob -

  dyl003 16:33 02 Nov 2003

I have an Asus A7A266 motherboard.
I want to fit a new HD, preferably a 120gb 7200 8mb.
At the moment i have a 30gb IBM installed which i would like to keep as a backup.
My question is my mb has 2 IDE Ports UltraDMA/100
Im confused when i look at the available hard drives as to what will work.
I realize i cannot fit sata drives, but what about ata? Or does it have to be a udma.
I cannot see a 8mb cache udma hd anywere.
Any suggestions?

  leo49 16:39 02 Nov 2003

Any of these will be OK:

click here

  leo49 16:41 02 Nov 2003

Sorry link went wrong - you need an IDE drive. At the above link click disk drives,then IDE

  DieSse 19:07 02 Nov 2003

ATA is the same as UDMA, all are IDE - any of this type of drive will work.

120Gb might work straight off, or may need some help to make it work - depends on the motherboard/BIOS.

  dyl003 19:20 02 Nov 2003

I did try to look on Asus site to check what hd my motherboard would accept but couldnt see anything.
I have recently flashed my bios to the latest 1012 so i could upgrade to an XP2400, so im hoping at 120gb will be ok.

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