Is this a HD problem or what? help please thankyou

  bof:) 00:36 13 May 2004

Hi All,

Neighbour running a packard Bell PC with winME.

rang to say PC was going as far as slash screen and then rebooting, then back to splash screen and rebooting again.

I tried holding down CTRL after reboot to access safemode option...after choosing safemode just got black screen and PC rebooted into splash screen.

All the time after startup the HD was making 12 clicking/grunting noises and rebooting after splash screen.

So PC was looping.

Using a bootup disk I got to run scandisk and got the following message:

'S/disk has encountered a data error whilst reading the FAT entry for cluster 0. Thhis error prevents s/disk from fixing this drive.'

Also using bootup disk I managed to get to view contents of HD using c:\dir/o/p

So I thought check out the cables, unplugged cable to HD and MB end and reseated them. Turned PC on and all started up ok with S/disk running after improper shutdown...Nothing Found.

Acessed web and updated AVG..ran it ...found nothing. Ad-aware updated and ran...found 95 items. Left neighbour deleting them.

Is the HD faulty or what?


So is the HD faulty?

  bof:) 00:40 13 May 2004

If the HD is faulty I've suggested that neighbour gets a new 1 fitted asap and gets everything copied across from faulty HD...

(just remembered check make of HD and download HD health tester from website...guess I should do this first?)

Any advice on this would be very much appreciated,

Thankyou ,


  bof:) 09:07 13 May 2004


  Terry Brown 10:02 13 May 2004

I don't know a lot about the Dell system, Just a thought,'Can you boot from the Dell CD, and re-install the system,failing that go to click here and download the boot disks for dell (they offer many diferent options-one of them should be ok for you), restart the system,put the Dell CD in the drive and using the floppy boot disk(s)follow the prompts and hopefully you should get an option to install (over the top of the current system) or Repair.
Good Luck

  bof:) 00:08 14 May 2004

Hi all,

really confused now, tonight I went and restarted the neighbours PC and its worked perfectly.

I downloaded the 30 day trial of Nero and backed up to cd disk all of the data files I could find.

I have been told that Packard Bell some how serial number everything in the PC to protect from piracy etc and as such, the recovery disk that came with it will not recognise any other hard drive thats installed into the PC so I cannot install one and copy everything from the faulty HD to the new one.

The only way to get round this is to either fool the recovery disk into thinking the new HD is the original one or install a complete new operating system.

My neighbour who is happy that everything they value has now been backed up is going to have a think about what the next step to take will possibly go for a new PC.


  bof:) 00:09 14 May 2004


  woodchip 00:15 14 May 2004

Start with a Win98se Floppy boot disc and at A:\> type FDISK\MBR press enter and try the drive

  woodchip 00:17 14 May 2004

MBR= master boot record is corrupt the above should restore a clean MBR from the back of the drive

  bof:) 20:52 14 May 2004

Thanks woodchip.....I'll go and give it a try asap,


  bof:) 15:07 30 May 2004

I'm sorry for the delay but I was under the impression that I'd opened the thread on my neighbours pc and had asked them to post a reply.

We did check out the option given by terry brown (thankyou) and we have gone what was suggested by woodchip. (thanks again)

The last time I saw this neighbour her pc was running fine and all seemed well with the world. Plus she was smiling a great big smile.

Thanks again for all of your time and help.

Once again sorry for the delay,


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