HD Problem ? ...not convinced...Help.

  Derek 06:26 31 Mar 2005

My second PC has failed.
Press the button and it just keeps up a very slow beep from the spk. The screen is black.
Tried a test unit PSU - No change..
Tried 3 new sticks DDR - No change..
Tried another CPU - No change.
Tried another MB and got the following...
"Your PC failed to start up etc....
So I select Safe Mode and again Safe Mode with command prompt and get the following;

I then switch off and disconnect the Main HD and change the slave to master and reboot. Now it boots Ok.
Question, what could be wrong with the original master HD to cause a problem like this and, what could I do about it ?

Kind regards to all Derek Miles.

  Paranoid Android 08:51 31 Mar 2005

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