HD make cracking noise, slow, about to fail?

  JerryJay 10:44 01 Mar 2004

Hard disk on my machine makes cracking noise. Access to HD slower than before. WinXP. Does this means that the HD is going to fail soon? I check virus (Mcafee) and spyware (spysweepr, spybot, adware), no problem. Is there any problem to check the health of HD. The HD has 3 years warrenty, but I do not really like to send disk back in case the manufacturer repair it and sell to someone else. I know there is some program to "destory" the HD totally, but I do not think I can run program if the HD totally failed. If the HD is not totally failed, how do I convience manufacturer it has fault? Any advice is appreciated.

  Big Elf 10:57 01 Mar 2004

Visit the manufacturers website and download the disk testing tool to confirm the health of the drive.

  johnnyrocker 10:58 01 Mar 2004

try scan disk?


  JerryJay 11:20 01 Mar 2004

johnnyrocker, I could not find scan disk command in WinXP.

  Big Elf 11:37 01 Mar 2004

Right click the drive in Windows Explorer and choose Properties, Tools tab and the Check Now.

The manufacturers testing tool will do a more thorough job of it though.

  JerryJay 13:18 01 Mar 2004

Big Elf,

Many thanks, I will do a scan first and then check with Seagate's software downloaded when I get back home this evening.

  Bubo 13:27 01 Mar 2004

Not wishing to teach you how to suck eggs but I would suggest you take a complete backup of your drive before running too much diagnostic software across it. If it is making noises as you suggest it could cause all sorts of problems with the integrity of the magnetic surfaces on the platters. With a backup at least if your drive is about to fail for good you will still have your data.

Hard drives are relatively cheap. 2 or 3 years worth of lost data can be a nightmare.


  JerryJay 14:35 01 Mar 2004


Thanks. I have got 2 copies backup of data, but reinstall all software is not something I fancy expecially the partition for kids (I have dual bootup setup, one for me and one for kids). They do not remember what games they got on. When they cannot play some games they will give me hard time when I move to a new hard disk.

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