Hd limits 98se

  [DELETED] 13:01 16 Dec 2003

HI,i just got a 160 gig hdd and 98se only sees 8 gig worth and only then if i have it as a removable drive other wise it doesnt see it,it shows in bios as 160 gig and in device manager as a hdd (no size) doesnt show in my computer at all.

  xania 13:13 16 Dec 2003

I think you will find that SE won't work with partitions larger than 8GB. Let's go back a stage. Open up into DOS, run FDISK. What does that show. Assuming this shows your full HD size, set it up with a primary DOS partition of no more than 8GB and then set the rest as an extended DOS partition. Then open up your extended partition and split that into smaller logical partitions of 8GB.

  [DELETED] 13:19 16 Dec 2003

hi,i did try that and fdisk finds a complete drive of about 22gig i have set it to set all the drive as primary partion thinking it would use all 160 gig but it doesnt and i end up with 230 odd meg of files on there dont know what sort cos i cant open them says accsess denied.Fdisk doesnt give me the option to partion it as 8 gig bits and i would have a hell of a lot of 8 gig partitions and drive letters,witch i would rather not have my 40 gig drive shows all 40 gig in fdisk so how can it only see 8 gig of other?


  xania 13:50 16 Dec 2003

You may find the attached click here of help.

I knew this was something to do with size limitations, but it looks as if my stats were a bit off.

  [DELETED] 13:52 16 Dec 2003

I've had 60 Gb drives working fine under 98SE in partition.

  [DELETED] 13:53 16 Dec 2003

The problem might be your motherbaord. What mobo and BIOS version?

  [DELETED] 13:56 16 Dec 2003

That was helpfull thx but i cant see 137 gig only 22 in fdisk and 8 inside windows so how do i get it to see the 137 gig?


  [DELETED] 13:59 16 Dec 2003

Mobo ks75a ecs dont know exact bios version but i flashed it not long ago to support xp cpu's,but it does show the full 160 gig at boot in bios bit.


  [DELETED] 14:11 16 Dec 2003

When you FDISK have you deleted ALL the old partitions?

Does it show 8 Gb 100%??

  [DELETED] 14:13 16 Dec 2003

When i fdisk first time there wasnt any partitions and it shows 22 gig or there about of 100% but i end up with loads of files i cant delete.

  [DELETED] 17:34 16 Dec 2003


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