HD fine in DVD recorder but smokes when connected via IDE cables to PC?

  buel 16:03 09 Dec 2012

Hi, I have a DVD HD recorder that i use to transfer vhs videos to the HD to my PC. Today, i plugged it in using IDE cables to my PC and smoke started coming from the top of the HD.

I plugged it back in to my DVD recorder and now the DVD recorder wont start.

Is there any way that i can get data off this HD please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:21 09 Dec 2012

smoke started coming from the top of the HD

Is there any way that i can get data off this HD please?

I doubt it, sounds as if you have burnt out the electronics at least.

I plugged it back in to my DVD recorder and now the DVD recorder wont start.

DVD HD recorder sometimes relies on some software on a hidden partition of the drive to run.

When swapping to a larger drive in a recorder the usual method is to image or the old drive to the new one.

If you have a spare drive it may be worth fitting to the recorder and see if it starts.

Make and model of recorder?

  buel 16:35 09 Dec 2012

Thank you. It is a LITE ON 5045. In the past i have tried starting it with other HDs and you are right- it requires specific software to run. However, it starts up fine with no HD in but obviously the meny shows no data.

So the HD is probably beyone repair?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:15 09 Dec 2012

it may work if the drive fitted is formatted to FAT 32

Afraid the only way your likely to get info off the old drive is to buy one exactly the same and swap the electronics over and that may not work if the platters heads or motor id damaged.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:30 09 Dec 2012

Firmware for your machine here

  buel 19:17 09 Dec 2012

Wow, thanks for that (as usual)!! Just out of interest, here is a pic of the faulty HD, I have ringed (rectangled, really) where the smoke came from:


Good that you should mention about getting a replica HD as i had two Liteons exactly the same so i do have one exactly the same.

Please can i ask how i would go about swapping the electronics? Is it complicated?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:03 09 Dec 2012

Make sure you have everything off your working drive worth making an image of it just in case.

It should just be a matter of unscrewing the board and carefully disconnecting the ribbon cables.

Swap reconnect cables and screws.

I suggest you do not attach to your PC but instead put in a working caddy and connect via USB.

Hard to tell but I think the bits that you ringed are the voltage regulators.

  buel 21:29 09 Dec 2012

Thank you so much!!! I need to get one of those caddies. Ebay/Amazon?

  buel 23:31 09 Dec 2012

Apologies for this, I have never done this before so please can i ask is this what you mean:


  buel 20:29 28 Dec 2012

Hi, Unfortunately (and stupidly) I got a bit eager when my new HD caddy and plugged in the faulty HD before swapping over the boards just to 'see if it works' (I said in my head), the result was a bang from the rectangular power unit that is connected to the plug and now the caddy doesn't work.

One new caddy coming next week. Let's hope im not so stupid again.

  buel 19:52 05 Jan 2013

Sigh! I swapped the board from the non-working HD with the identical working HD and used a new caddy.......and the same happened- there was a flashing sound from the power box connected to the lead of the caddy and a smell of burning.

Are there no other options left available to me now?

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