mcheathen 11:16 23 Mar 2011

Can these HD DVD-R discs still be used for burning on ordinary PC disc burner drives?

Here are the type of discs referred to:
click here

  Thalmus 11:35 23 Mar 2011

no, you will need a HD DVD writer

  Thalmus 12:30 23 Mar 2011

HD DVD lost the format war to Blue-ray years ago

  mcheathen 14:39 23 Mar 2011

So with all this in mind, how can I do with a 15 gb iso file?

  mcheathen 14:41 23 Mar 2011

Sorry I meant to say what can I do with a 15 gb iso file. Could it be possible to interface my pc or external Hard drive with a blue ray dvd recorder?

  Thalmus 15:46 23 Mar 2011
  Thalmus 15:50 23 Mar 2011

that its daemon tools lite that you need, it's the free version

  mcheathen 16:00 23 Mar 2011

Thank you Thalmus. I take it then that this daemon tools lite program will allow me to open the iso file on my C:/ drive?

  Thalmus 16:03 23 Mar 2011

It creates a virtual optical drive on your computer which you then can mount your iso image onto and run just like a physical disk

  mcheathen 16:22 23 Mar 2011

I'll try mounting it. I previously tried to burn it using Nero burning rom, but nero never read the virtual drive.

  mcheathen 16:26 23 Mar 2011

Image is mounted but nothing is happening. Do I still have to burn it? It recomends burning using Astroburn.

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