HD Bad Sectors

  Craggles84 12:42 10 Sep 2005

My laptop has recently developed these hard drive bad sectors and from what I can work out it's playing havoc with my OS (Windows XP)

I was just wondering if theres anyway to repair or hide these sectors so they aren't used any more.

  Thalmus 12:48 10 Sep 2005

Run windows check disk and it will mark all bad sectors as bad and will not use them. Unfortuantly data on them won't be recovered.

If you are getting lots of bad sectors on your hard drive it could be dying, suggest you back everything up straight away before it dies completely

  the-george 12:52 10 Sep 2005

Dont use XP but on 98 amd ME scandisk does this job.

Is this still with XP? If so run it and select fix errors - Do a thorough scan although this can take a long time with big drives.

I do this in Safe Mode to prevent background applications causing it to keep restarting. Best turn Modem off as anti-virus applic may not be working in Safe mode.

Also, and this applies even if you do not use scandisk, might be a good idea to back up anything that is valuable including drivers and ensure you have all disks to hand as the errors might indicate a failing hard drive.

  Craggles84 15:15 10 Sep 2005

Cheers. I might try running chkdsk in safe mode to see if that makes things easier. The problem I've got is that I think some of the bad sectors had/have some system files on them so even re-installing windows (which is built into the laptop annoyingly) doesn't work. Can the HD just be replaced if all else fails?

  Thalmus 15:21 10 Sep 2005

If windows is still booting with the bad sectors then it should be ok. After you've run chkdsk if you can still boot into windows run sfc /scannow (have your windows disk handy) and this should repair any system files that have become corrupt

  Craggles84 17:29 10 Sep 2005

Ok I'll try it and see if it works

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