hd 2600xt idel Temp

  Alan-Petrie 18:51 07 Nov 2008

Hi I was just browsing online when I came across something that said my graphics card should run at about 30C idle.

Yet pc wizzard tells me that my graphics card is anywhere between 52C-60C this took me by suprise as the fan is only at 13%.

Does anyone have any idea if these figure are correct.

Thanks Alan

  MAT ALAN 19:24 07 Nov 2008

The card will overclock to 63 degrees so 50-60 is in the realms of possibility, cleaning the fans on a regular basis may help...

  Alan-Petrie 19:27 07 Nov 2008

I have opened the case since posting but theres not much if any dust caught up in the fan. Thanks for your reply Alan.

  MAT ALAN 19:35 07 Nov 2008

If the fan is only running at 13% of its capability it maybe that the fan controller is not working properly..

  Alan-Petrie 19:39 07 Nov 2008

possibly do you know if ati would replace/repair this

  MAT ALAN 19:58 07 Nov 2008

Not fully au fait with variable fan speeds but i think its the other way round, MOBO chipset controls speed if capable and not the card itself...

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