Hawking Wireless Repeater - HELP ME

  Anti_Virus 16:55 07 Nov 2005

Hi, I brought a Hawking HWUR54G Wireless Repeater. It sits in between your adsl wireless modem/router and a particular "dead spot" in your routers wireless coverage, and "boosts" the signal to cover that spot. Trouble is, setting it up is a nightmare. Plenty of people have given reveiws stating this, but also saying later that "when you have it working, it is a must have for any wireless network." Trouble is, none of them have said how they got it up and running. This is where your help is needed. My router is a BT - 2WIRE HomePortal877, with WEP Security. I've disabled it while trying to set up the repeater. I've put in the IP add for the router, and the SSID, aswell as the subnet, and it is connected. It says on the router page, aswell as the repeater main page. also, a computer connected to the repeater can ping the repeater and the router, meaning that they are connected to the router through the repeater. But the interent is not working. I can't get on any site. Please help.

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