haw do you get a pc to turn lights on and off

  geewis357 22:29 07 Oct 2008

Hy guys,
How would you go about getting an interphase that would alow you to turn on apliences via a vb program. I wouldn't know what to ask for or where to get one from, it would need to be atached via usb

  Technotiger 22:42 07 Oct 2008
  Technotiger 22:46 07 Oct 2008

PS - item 11 perhaps in my link.

  geewis357 22:47 07 Oct 2008

Not sure if we are thinking of the same thing Technotiger, I wish to control everiday object via my pc, thanks

  MAT ALAN 22:51 07 Oct 2008

click here
ya gonna need a screwdriver and stuff!!!

  Technotiger 23:09 07 Oct 2008

HomeSeer HS2 is an advanced home automation and remote access software package that is designed to integrate the major systems of any home. With HomeSeer, you can control and monitor lighting, appliances, security, HVAC, telephone and home theater all from one central point... and you can do so by computer, remote control, touchscreen, PDA, telephone, the internet or by voice!

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