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having video download problems from

  baldyx 22:06 02 Sep 2012

Realplayer 'Download this video' button nolonger works in Utube. It works when playing video using realplayer itself. Has Utube stoppped it? Please help.

I have reinstalled the Realplayer.

  lotvic 12:31 03 Sep 2012

If you google for: Realplayer 'Download this video' button no longer works in Youtube

there are settings you have to tweak to get it back, depending on which version number Browser and Real Player you are using.

  exbrum 20:35 03 Sep 2012

Hi baldyx,

You must be using W7 64 bit? I have the same problem and the way to fix this is to go to 'Internet Options', 'Programmes' - 'Manage Addons' Scroll down page to 'Real Networks Inc' you should see 'Real Player Download and Record' - Click or make sure it's 'Enabled' Close internet options.

Now, open Real Player browser and click the logo top left of window to open drop down menu. Select 'Preferences' At bottom of the tree click 'Download and Record' Make sure this is ticked in the box 'Enable web download etc etc' Underneath enable the 'On page 7 seconds' Close and you will get the User account prompt screen to allow changes, click yes. Close Real player and then re start the pc for it to work, it won't until you do this. This should work, let us know how you get on.

  baldyx 21:05 03 Sep 2012

Hi exbrum , Thanks for your help. I have done as you suggetsed and works fine.

(I raised this problem on other website forums where I was informed that downloading videos from utube is a violation of their Term Of Service! I don't know how correct is this ? )

  exbrum 21:32 03 Sep 2012

Hi baldyx,

Glad this worked for you. If you could mark the thread as solved, would help others. Not sure about the legalities of downloading from there as I always download clips but then save the song as an mp3. Rarely keep their videos on my pc to be honest.

  baldyx 12:05 04 Sep 2012

This problem has now been resolved. Thanks all.

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