Having trouble with TV Out on Graphics Card.

  Craigmave 14:49 18 Nov 2003

Hi there. Can anyone tell me how to set up my tv out to my 28" Widescreen TV. On the TV there are two scart sockets and an areal socket. My TV is connected to my video recorder by scart. On the video there is audio RED/WHITE socket and a yellow video socket, is this where the connection is ?

I have enabled TV viewing on the video card.

My graphics card is, ATI Radeon 9600 PRO Atlantis. Can anyone help ? The leads that i got with the card are S-Video and another cable that only fits into the TV out on the card. Cheers.

hi there
sounds like you are just unlucky with your telly cos some have s-video connectors on them. you'll need to get a scart adapter that will go on the end of your s-video lead and into the back of your telly. you say that on your video player there are red/white/yellow connectors. if they are 'IN' connectors then you can plug your cable from the tv out socket of the graphics card into the yellow one and that will feed the video. for audio as well you'll need a seperate cable from your sound card/motherboard into the red/white holes on your video. the connector on your soundcard for audio out will probably be a 3.5mm one (unless you have a platinum audigy card or similar) so you'll need a special lead that converts the headphone sized hole to the red/white split. all of these leads can be bought in maplin or tandy but don't go to dixons or anywhere like that cos they'll rip you off.
hope this helps, if you're still stuck i can be more specific with the lead sizes etc. if you wish
james ;)

  Craigmave 16:29 18 Nov 2003

Hi, thanks for your responce James. I do actually have a scart adaptor that has the three colors on the back of it. The leads that i got with the card are a lead with two yellow ends that are mail and also another black cable that has four tiny pins and a black like plastic bit in it at each end. Now on the back of the card there is a socket for the four pin to go into, but no where on the tv or video. I also have a lead that atatches these two leads together to make one. Do i use this setup and plug into the scart adaptor ?

  pcgal 16:33 18 Nov 2003

craig the quality of picture could be a bit iffy though!
Why u connecting ya pc to the telly?
I suspect it will be blurred...I could be wrong as I've never connected a pc to the telly so perhaps someone else could add to this message.

  Craigmave 16:35 18 Nov 2003

I am connecting mainly for DVD's to be played and also the feature is there to be used on my card so i may as well take full advantage. Thanks for your help James, i will leave this discussion open for a couple of hours then tick resolved.

  Craigmave 16:36 18 Nov 2003

thanks for your help as well pcgal, cheers.

  Cretin07 16:39 18 Nov 2003

i connected it just fine on a 14" tv lol. Plug the s-video end of the cable into your gfx card and then the yellow headed end into that yellow video in socket on your tv. dont worry about sound as it is not supplied. Then go to properties on desktop, settings, advanced and click on a tab that say display or along the lines, four pictures should be on there and one being your current monmitor and another being a tv like the rest. and switch the tv on by pressing a shortcut key which should be said. but my video was very fuzzy and bad tbh, but i just though because it was a 14 inch screen, so best of luck to you. btw my gfx card is radeon 9200 256 ddr, just thought you'd like to know, and you cant have your monitor on while connected to tv.

  Cretin07 16:40 18 Nov 2003

btw for audio just use your pc speakers on your pc as it wont work with tv witout the audio input.

  Craigmave 16:41 18 Nov 2003

Is the S-Video the yello ended lead, if so there is no S-Video socket on the back of my card, just the four pin femail socket !

  Cretin07 16:55 18 Nov 2003

No the s-video is the black headed thing. lol. and the composite in is the yellow lead which sshould go into your tv.

  Craigmave 16:56 18 Nov 2003

ok cheers for that lol.

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