Having some Problems with Printer

  ponytail 14:07 02 Mar 2018

I am still having printer problems mostly with my wifes HP Deskjet 2540 Printer.I have tried to print to it from my laptop and my wife has tried from hers.Have just noticed it says use printer off line when I go into see whats printing.There are two documents in the queue.Why does it say print off line I thought it should be online.The other problem is she tried to print to my printer which is a Brother DCP-J315W.And there is nothing in the queue but I can print to my printer from my laptop.Has anyone got any explanation.Thanks

  wiganken2 16:20 02 Mar 2018

First off, on both computers, cancel all documents which are queued for printing. Second, on both computers, open the "See what's printing" window and select "Printer" and then check that "Use Printer Offline" is not ticked. If it is ticked then click on it to remove the tick. Printer should then be online and ready to print.

  ponytail 10:11 03 Mar 2018

Hi wiganken2 neither printer has user off line ticked

  ponytail 15:16 05 Mar 2018

I have just tried running the software and was all ready to connect the laptop to the printer but nothing appeared on the laptops screen.The two laptops and my Brother printer network name is PLUSNET-XTGT and have even change it on our phones it is just this one printer that is causing all these problems.I just tried to print from my wifes laptop to my Brother Printer and nothing happened and there is nothing in the queue.Both printers are set as Default Printer.Thanks for all the help and advice it is much appreciated and I must apologise for all these problems but my is still unable print she had to go to the library to print some letters which is a nuisance.My son could sort it but he would have to come to me to do it and he is very busy.

  wiganken2 16:51 05 Mar 2018

You say "Both printers are set as Default Printer" but there can only be one default printer per computer? Is the HP printer old? Perhaps it is faulty and a new printer required? Also is she trying to print via Wi-Fi rather than USB cable? If there are Wi-Fi issues then this may explain the "printer offline" message.

  wee eddie 17:10 05 Mar 2018

Wigi's got it. Decide which Printer is to be the default and in-tick the other one. You can always decide to use the other Printer when you wish

  ponytail 17:37 07 Mar 2018

There is only one default printer for each computer.My Asus has the Brother printer as it's default one and the HP laptop has the HP printer as it's default one if I can ever get it working.But everything else is now working and my wife can use my Brother Printer untill I can sort hers out.

  wiganken2 18:08 07 Mar 2018

Assuming you are trying to print via Wi-Fi then, to discount Wi-Fi issues, have you tried reinstalling the HP software but choosing the USB connection option and then connect your wife's laptop to her HP printer by USB cable? If it works via USB cable then the problem lies with the Wi-Fi connection. This problem may lie in your wife's laptop which would explain why she could not print to your Brother printer either.

  ponytail 14:29 08 Mar 2018

I have used the USB cable method but did not work either.Everything we have is connected and working.Two Laptops.One Netpad,one ipad.One Printer.Both laptops and the netpad print to the Brother which is it's default printer.Not sure what else to try.Is it possible to remove the printer and then go back to the start and install the printer from scratch.I actually installed this printer last summer and had no problem then.

  wiganken2 15:09 08 Mar 2018

I am out of ideas. Have you had an expert come to your house to fix it. It sounds like it may be a problem for an IT professional.

  ponytail 13:29 09 Mar 2018

Have finally got the printer working.I mentioned it to my son who works with computers and he suggested turning the printer off for a while so I turned it off before going to bed and have just turned it on and it printed a document which must have been in the queue.I tried another print and that printed as well.As I did not have the HP printer located on my laptop I went to devices and printers and added it and it printed the document.So I have the Brother printer as the default printer on my laptop and my wife has the HP printer as her default printer.Thanks for all the advice.

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