Having some internet connection issues

  Lockk 23:16 05 Sep 2014

Whenever i have my ethernet cable plugged in it says i have internet access but whenever i try to get on the internet everything times out like i don't have access. Then i will leave my ethernet cable in and connect to the same router using a wireless connection and the following happens: First the connection is constantly identifying in the network and sharing center I also notice that i get the yellow triangle and its telling me i don't have internet access but whenever i open the internet everything works. So at this point im looking at two current connections the LAN connection which is identified as a home network which says i have internet connection and the wireless which cant identify the network and says it isnt getting me internet access when it is. Also, if i unplug the ethernet cable from there nothing changes in the network and sharing center and im still connected to the internet.

  rdave13 23:39 05 Sep 2014

Disable your wireless connection but keep the Ethernet cable connected. Try repairing the TCP/IP Stack, click here then reboot. See if it connects via cable now.

  Lockk 00:57 06 Sep 2014

That did the trick. Thank you very much.

  SparkyJack 10:06 06 Sep 2014

Rdave13 Repairing TCP/IP stack

Would you care to expand on that,into a printable form.

Useful to pass to my flock with similar problems.

  spuds 11:54 06 Sep 2014


If you want a printable form, then you can take one direct from the link to a printer. See print, then follow it through.

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