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Having serious issues with wifi

  Dave Edwards 23:55 03 Apr 2019

I don't know if this is the right place for this but I've been having issues with the home WiFi that is frustrating me because I don't understand why it's happening. Now when we have had issues in the past EE (Our provider) installed a 5GHz line and to be honest I didn't think much of it. My knowledge is rudimentary compared to professionals, we have had issues for a while but this one is quite frankly bizarre. It started 2 days ago, I experienced a sudden problem with our connection that has not improved. The main signal started turning off every few minutes, it would turn on and then seconds later, off again, I decided to switch to the 5GHz line and found my mobile phones wifi signal to be much stronger than before (I haven't had a problem since), this is where my problem lies. I decided to fix my connection with my other devices as well, my LG Smart TV has found the signal the 5GHz cable is displaying but my other devices aren't. My PlayStation 4 can't find the signal and I attempted to input manually. I inputted the ip address and DNS information and such and it said that it had failed. I knew the information was correct. Then I decided to test other devices. The downstairs TV (Also an LG Smart TV) connected no issues, runs smooth as ever but our Sky Q box isn't. It will obviously still pick up information from the dish but the network apps like YouTube and Prime Video etc won't work because of the lack of internet access. This was strange to me because I then tested my laptop which also can't find the 5GHz signal. I'm in a real stick here with what to do. I'm not the bill payer which is problematic because my mum has had zero issues and therefore doesn't see a need to call and complain. Can anyone here help me resolve my issue? Thanks in advance.

  Menzie 00:38 04 Apr 2019

The PS4 slim and pro supports 5ghz, the original doesn't. Your laptop and other devices most likely will need a 2.4ghz signal as they don't support 5ghz by the sound of it.

In regards to the disconnections; it sounds like there could be interference as the 2.4 GHz signal actually travels further than the 5ghz so the reception on that should technically be better.

  Dave Edwards 00:43 04 Apr 2019

Okay that's really good to know about the PS4, thanks for that, I did consider that but also thought that it would have supported it. As far as the 2.4GHz connection, what should my next step be in regards to the interference? Is there something I can do without having to involve EE because they are hopeless when it comes to customer service. Thanks.

  Menzie 00:54 04 Apr 2019

Your neighbours router might be causing interference especially if you live in a flat. Logging into the router and changing the channel number for the wireless network or preferably setting it to auto if you haven't done so already should help.

  Dave Edwards 00:56 04 Apr 2019

Okay and now tell me how to log into the router haha. I'm very sorry but I did basic IT in highschool and college and haven't done much since then.

  Menzie 01:08 04 Apr 2019

Assuming you have the EE smart Hub this should be the instructions you require.

Smart Wi-Fi should be on as default according to what I've read. If it is the router should be trying to change channels itself for a stable connection.

  Dave Edwards 01:13 04 Apr 2019

I don't know if it varies by Router but we have the Bright box 2 and not the smart hub sorry, will the instructions be the same? Thanks again, you've been a real help.

  Menzie 01:18 04 Apr 2019

The Bright Box 2 settings vary and can be found here.

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