Having problems with Windows Firewall

  gerryp25 23:38 30 Jan 2010

Hi everyone, I am having problems when booting up with the warning that my firewall is turned off and tells me to click on ballon which eventually does turn it on.
Looking through old posts I see it does happen a lot, is there a solution ?.
From these other posts I see that other people say that Windows Defender should be installed ( some other people say I don't need it ).
One post says that I can use the firewall on AVG 9 in it's place, but I can't see the firewall mentioned on AVG9, is it actualy there ?
To finish do I need Defender and Firewall running at the same time, is Defender a default programme or does it actually have to be turned on?
I am running Windows XP , Avg 9 and Windows Fire wall, I also have Spybot which I use regularly
Really confused about what I should be using, hope someone can help.

  birdface 23:52 30 Jan 2010

If it is the free version of AVG there is no firewall with it.

  GaT7 23:53 30 Jan 2010

I believe only AVG Internet Security has as firewall click here.

Were you recently affected by a virus? Some viruses can turn the Windows firewall off.

As you say, you're not alone with this problem, with several thousand links coming up in a related Google search click here. Have a look at a few of those threads - someone may have found a way to resolve it. G

  Sea Urchin 23:59 30 Jan 2010

It sounds like you could still be infected with malware. Try downloading, updating and running Malwarebytes (free version) to see if it finds anything suspicious.

click here

  gerryp25 22:49 31 Jan 2010

Hi thanks for your remarks, looks as if it is a virus. I have just run Spybot and there is an entry called ' Win32.Zbot ', I had this before and supposeably deleted it but it comes back everytime just like everyone else.
Has anyone any idea which programme I can use safely to kill it dead

  Sea Urchin 22:52 31 Jan 2010

Did you try Malwarebytes as per my link?

  gerryp25 22:39 01 Feb 2010

Hi Sea Urchin, yes I tried your help earlier this evening and sent a reply which doesn't appear to have got through yet.
Couldn't get it to work before due to constant freezing of computer adn 'non responsive programme'. Eventually it did download but when I came to carry out scans it froze again, I managed 47 min run time on the full scan and 3 min on quick.
I have been trying for about 3 hours to get the bloody computer working, I am constantly having to reset computer because of the freezing.
The latest thing I tried was to run the spybot on startup and delete the 'win32.Zbot' virus, but then the computer slows down and will not run properly, I am only able to use computer now because I haven't run the Spybot so the virus is still active presumably.
I am at a loss what to do now, think I will look at the Google sites which say they can get rid of the virus.
I will be careful

  birdface 23:03 01 Feb 2010

Try Trojan remover.It is a pay for program but you get a 30 day trial and it will remove anything that it finds.

click here

If it asks for payment ignore it and carry on with the scan.
Or maybe try running Malwarebytes in safe mode.

  gerryp25 22:28 04 Feb 2010

Got a bit further with my problem, I finished up downloading Superantispyware and after running it and Avast the Win32.zbot virus appears to have finally disappeared. I used to get after every scan using Spybot but now it doesn't appear so maybe it won't come back.
Thanks for everyones help!!
I'll not click resolve just yet just in case

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