Having problems with new netbook windows 7

  Ronyap 18:57 19 May 2010


So I have a new netbook, and it is on Windows 7. I connected it to my wireless home network. I then tried to transfer files from my Vista Laptop to this netbook wirelessly.

From files with sizes ranging from 1-300MB, they transfer fine. Whereas anything bigger results in an error saying "There is a problem accessing 'file name' "

I am not sure whether this is to do with the Netbook or the windows compatibility. I have switched off all firewalls.

Any help appreciated


  rawprawn 19:18 19 May 2010

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  matt2000 19:18 19 May 2010

the firewalls might not be the only thing in the way
check the anti virus settings but the network may have a weak link go to skydrive.live.com and sighnup for a free acount then upload the files to the documents folder and download them at the destination this will solve the error if this does not work contact microsoft

  Ronyap 19:39 19 May 2010

@RawPrawn, I have no idea what that is :P

@Matt2000, Thats more working around the problem rather than fixing it, but thanks for the solution. It's just that it works perfectly for all files under 300mb (roughly), so it can't really be an anti-virus problem right, since it will block all files.


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