Having problems with avg false positives

  martd7 18:20 25 Aug 2013

Ive been a user of avg for some years without a problem,never had a virus on the pc This last 10 days when i boot the pc the disc activitys higher than normal and i keep getting avg telling me "threats found",its not scheduled to run a scan and the "threats" are all false its all to do with music files,editor,sequencer and librarian i got free with my keyboard but only now has it decided these are viruses Any ideas?

  The Kestrel 22:45 25 Aug 2013

Might be worthwhile posting your problem on the AVG users forum click here

  martd7 23:53 25 Aug 2013

Jock1e,already done the scan found nothing

kestrel,thanks i will look into that

  Secret-Squirrel 09:06 26 Aug 2013

Mart, if you want to help other AVG users then you may want to report those false positives - see here.

  martd7 18:32 26 Aug 2013

Secret squirrel i have done that today thanks

Initially in my post the disc activitys been quite high which i attributed to avg even though there was no scan running,a few false positives had been coming up,turns out it was actually windows indexer running on the hard drive and not avg doing an unscheduled scan,the "threats" on screen made me associate the disc activity to an avg scan

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