Having problem with my Humax freesat box.......

  Arenax 12:40 01 Mar 2013

.......a programme is recording everyday, filling up my recording time. I have tried to cancel it but it won't allow me to delete or cancel . Can you help?

  alanrwood 13:21 01 Mar 2013

Suggest switching it off at the mains and leaving it for several minutes. Then switch on and try again.

  Arenax 13:26 01 Mar 2013

Thank you Alan I have tried that. I now have loads of episodes of Pointless, which appears to record every night (while we watch it)

I must have commanded to record them all but can't ** cancel them !

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:30 01 Mar 2013

Click on the guide find the program that is recording and press OK -you should be given the chance to cancel the recording.

  lotvic 13:50 01 Mar 2013

Try this, On Remote press: Guide | All Channels | press Yellow button for Schedule | highlight/select the program from the list | press OK to put tick in it's box| press OPT+ to delete

note: it is normal to have a blank entry consisting of _ and / 's so leave that one alone

  woodchip 14:34 01 Mar 2013

If its anything like my Humax you need to click on Menu then record then recording schedule remove the ones you do not want

  chub_tor 15:57 01 Mar 2013

On the Humax Freesat remote control the second button up from the bottom on the left hand side is marked Schedule. All you need to do is to press that and it will bring up your recording schedule. Scroll up or down to the recording you want to stop and press OPT+ as lotvic says. If you want to delete more than one recording then also do as lotvic says and put a tick in each box then press OPT+

  lotvic 16:20 01 Mar 2013

chub_tor, thanks for that. I'd never noticed the second button up from bottom on left hand side marked Schedule (duh me). Certainly is quicker way to access than I've been doing it :)

  chub_tor 16:25 01 Mar 2013

lotvic I'm not sure how I originally found it - certainly not by looking at the instruction book - but with my box if I just click on Guide the sound goes while the programmes are being updated and it takes several minutes before it comes back, but if I click on Schedule and then the Red button I get the programme guide up and running with sound and it seems easier to glide through the day's programmes.

  lotvic 17:24 01 Mar 2013

chub_tor Duly noted, will go and play with other buttons as well, prob a few 'shortcuts' we weren't aware of, thanks.

Hope Arenax will be posting to say how it's working for him/her.

  Arenax 10:50 02 Mar 2013

Hi helpers tried your suggestions. The problem is it doesn't show on my 'schedule' and when I enter the 0000 code it doesn't help.


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