Having Mouse and sound Problems

  ponytail 11:50 12 Jul 2013

Just started having aproblm with my mouse the cursor seems erratic and also the sound seems like it is muffled it is not clear like it should be.Not sure if these two problems are connected or not.They have only just started this morning wondered if anyone has any ideas.I am on windows 7

  Nontek 13:32 12 Jul 2013

I am not getting-at-you, but you have been coming to the Help forum long enough now to know that you should give as much information as possible about your set-up, this of course would help those offering assistance to you! You should always do this when requesting help, no matter what the problem is.

In this instance, what is make of mouse and is it wired/battery/wireless? What is your Sound system make-up? Is PC desktop or laptop - make/model?

Have you tried anything on your own to sort the problem and if so what have you tried?

Have you tried first-line-of-defence - i.e. System Restore, back to when it was all working fine?

  ponytail 16:41 12 Jul 2013

Hi nontek criticism accepted now the details you wanted Mouse is a Logitech 185 wireless mouse I have a ASUS K73E Laptop I have done a system restore nothing changed Only tried rebooting it About sound system could it be Realtek High Definition Audio

  ponytail 16:42 12 Jul 2013

The mouse is also battery operated

  Nontek 19:51 12 Jul 2013

How long have you had the mouse? The battery should last for about one year, if you have had yours longer then you should change the battery. Make sure laser is clean and on/off switch functioning ok.

  Nontek 19:59 12 Jul 2013

Your Audio is SRS Premium Sound - perhaps driver needs updating ...

Premium Sound driver

  rdave13 21:08 12 Jul 2013

ponytail , do you use a program that 'optimizes' your PC?

  ponytail 22:34 12 Jul 2013

Hi rdave13 could you explain how I do this do you use a program that 'optimizes' your PC?

nontek I use a rechargeable battery and always have a spare one charged up

  rdave13 22:40 12 Jul 2013

ponytail , I asked if you use such a program.

  ponytail 07:12 13 Jul 2013

Good Morning rdave13 I am not sure what these programs are is there a name for them.Apologies for messing you about

  ponytail 07:24 13 Jul 2013

found this

click here this

click here this

click here am trying

and and I

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