Having major problem with hp pc

  Adam Herbst 21:26 01 Jun 2017

Hello! So I am trying to fix my mom's HP laptop. I think it got a bad virus and now takes forever to boot whenever the HP bootup screen comes on or anything really. If you turn it on it goes to that screen and you could leave it there for 3 hours and it wont do anything. Anyway, she has some files that she needs on there. I have tried the dvd drive to put knoppix (doing this method: click here ) I am starting to think the dvd drive doesnt work because it doesnt boot up after changing boot order. I also tried putting it on USB though and that doesn't work either, it says "Warning: No configuration file found" I am assuming it's having a problem with the usb image drive I made. I used rufus click here to make usb boot image, I tried it with fat 32 and NTFS and another usb to iso converter but no luck! This also looks fairly complicated to disassemble in order to put the hard drive in my computer to get the files.

I plan on just getting a clean OEM version of windows 8.1 to put on there, because at this point it won't boot at all. Seems to be my only option, I can't just repair or reformat from the windows menu. Also, there is no sticker on the back of computer with windows serial number. (strange)

Any ideas would be appreciated!


  Adam Herbst 21:42 01 Jun 2017

Well I managed to get the back off the computer without breaking everything. Thats something I guess. - After I did that it says the serial # is under the battery, so that answers that.

  BRYNIT 23:03 01 Jun 2017

If you want to boot from a DVD or USB you may have to go into the BIOS and change the settings from secure boot to legacy. After you have managed to save the files you should be able to use the recovery partition on the hard drive to reset the laptop back to factory default as though you have just received the laptop, you will then have to install all the updates. For instructions read the manual if you do not have it go to the HP web site.

If your mum did not get or create a recovery USB/disks I would suggest creating a set as this will allow you to do a clean install if the hard drive should fail at any time. Last of all remember to keep backup copies of all files on a flash drive as this will help prevent loosing them.

  Adam Herbst 18:53 03 Jun 2017

Ok, well even in legacy BIOS it wont boot to usb or dvd drive. ALso, like I said I cant use the recovery partition because when I try that the system hangs. Like I said I think I'll have to do a clean OEM install.

Thanks for the ideas though!

  q33ny 19:46 03 Jun 2017

Put BIOS on default values. If it hangs when you are trying to use the recovery partition than you laptop has other problems then virus. I suggest you take out the HDD, use a PC that is up to date and has an up to date anti-virus to get the important files out. If you have problems accessing that drive, there is your problem. If all OK I would try to run a memtest from a USB or if not possible to run (as you said it will not boot) change the memory (buy, test and return if OK, if Not here is your problem) If you still have problems after checking this 2 then your laptop has mobo problems.

  Adam Herbst 17:59 05 Jun 2017

This is strange. When I boot it up and try to install windows 7 or ubuntu it starts the installer, but when I put windows 8.1 on there (what it shipped with) it hangs. I don't think it's a hardware issue, any ideas for me?


  q33ny 18:42 05 Jun 2017

Windows 8 had quite a few problems so I suggest get Windows 10 or stick with Windows 7 till EOL.

  Adam Herbst 03:04 06 Jun 2017

Ok, so I'm trying to get the data off and not worrying about the OS right now. Can someone recommend a recovery program or method?

  q33ny 09:27 06 Jun 2017

Try any from here.

  lotvic 11:15 06 Jun 2017

This also looks fairly complicated to disassemble in order to put the hard drive in my computer to get the files.

I would follow the advice given in your first link:

That is actually the easiest method. Take laptop HDD out and plug into your pc as a usb external HDD or if you have a Desktop Tower pc and there is a spare connector on your motherboard buy another cable to connect the laptop harddrive. (you can rest the laptop hard drive on something like a cork tablemat - no need to screw it into a bay inside your desktop pc - leave the side off your pc) What sort of pc do you have? Desktop Tower or laptop/notebook?

Usual warning and disclaimer: Only attempt if you are competent. Don't touch any parts whilst powered up - damage to components and person are at your own risk.

  Adam Herbst 19:30 06 Jun 2017

Alright! I got the data off and managed to get windows 8.1 back on by formatting it after I got the data off! THANKS for the help!

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