Having cover disc problems

  rocketman19 17:58 23 Mar 2011

This is the body of text from the first Email which I recently sent to the TuneUpUutilities people, hope it's self explanatory,

I downloaded the 15-day trial version of your software and was very impressed with it, so when it appeared on the March 2011 cover disc of PC Advisor with 3 months of updates I was pleasantly surprised, however, having attempted to uninstall the trial, and install the cover disc, all I get is the 15 day trial version which is now out of time, PC Advisor said to "Follow the online registration link during setup", but this never appeared, is there an answer to this or do I have to uninstall everything just to remove the old details from the PC, or is there a folder which should be removed? (uninstalling through control panel simply doesn't work.) Perplexed.

Their response was this:-

To enter the product key, please start "TuneUp Utilities 2011" and click on the button "Enter Product Key" (at the bottom on the right, in the trial version window). (It's actually on the bottom left so they really know their product).Here you can enter your name and the product key ABOVE (there WAS no number)
to unlock the trial version of "TuneUp Utilities 2011". Click on the button "Activate" to finish the activation process and restart TuneUp 2011.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me by email.
To avoid delays in processing your request, please do not change the subject
field of your email, and use the reply function in your email program.
Best regards,

Michaela Novak
Software Support
TuneUp Distribution GmbH
Rheinstrasse 97
64295 Darmstadt

My next communication carried this information:-

Sorry Michaela, but I tried the only number you sent me in the email and it was the ticket number, but 2011032131000493 doesn't work.

Their eventual reply was this:-

You should have received a registration/product code with your purchase. This
you need to unlock trial version to full version. Thank you.

To which I replied with this:-

Yes well the magazine didn't include one, believe me I've read it over and over, and it just says "Online Registration Required, and to follow the links during registration" but since, as I've already stated, This doesn't work, I'm Shafted. Thanks.

I will admit to getting progressively more annoyed, but I would really just like to get it working, it is a good program, the problems were possibly caused by my trying the trial version first, but you'd think there would be an answer to it. Any help appreciated. ROCKETMAN19

  woodchip 18:35 23 Mar 2011

You need to Remove from Add Remove then do a search for the Program and delete what it finds then go to Run Type Regedit type the Program into Find, Under Menu Edit/Find click on the Computer Icon on the left before pressing enter key, delete what it finds then press F3 and so on until you have cleared the Registry of the Program. Then try a Reinstall with the CD

  woodchip 18:36 23 Mar 2011

You could after doing a search in windows do a Restore if you have a Point before you installed it as it will restore the registry without the Program

  rocketman19 20:17 23 Mar 2011

Thanks woodchip, but I'm already familiar with the delights of regedit, and the problem's not apparently in the registry, I tried PROGRAMS AND FEATURES (the windows 7 equiv. to add/remove), and a manual file search, something stays hidden I'm afraid, and having now installed Kaspersky it insisted on removing Advanced Systemcare, which I'd previously been using for restore points, so, no restore either, I'm afraid, stinker, ain't it. thanks for your time though, regards ROCKETMAN19

  Nontek 21:09 23 Mar 2011

Use this to uninstall it again (if necessary re-install it first).... click here

Download the free version, and when using it follow these instructions EXACTLY ...

During the un-install process you may be asked if you want to re-start your computer, DO NOT re-start at this point, let Revo continue. You will eventually get the option to Select All and to Delete - DO SO. You may be given the same options a second time, again DO SO, do not be picky, just accept all that Revo chooses.
After clicking on Finish, re-start your computer.

  lotvic 21:20 23 Mar 2011

It looks as even if you don't have a trial version already installed you still get same problem of no link to follow to get the product key click here
also be advised that:
PC Advisor's April 2011 DVD included AVG's PC TuneUp 2011. The version included on the DVD coverdisk is a cut down 'Special Edition' and not a 'Full version' as promoted in the magazine.

The following six features are not available.

Disaster Recovery feature - File Recovery

Registry Maintenance features - Repair & Defragment

Privacy feature - Erase History

Speed Up Internet features - Automatic & Manual Optimisation

(Click on 'Cover disc' link on left of this page and read the FAQ)

  rocketman19 07:07 24 Mar 2011

Hi, ROCKETMAN19 again, thanks NONTEK, tried it all, and at least REVO worked, but I'm back to the expired trial I'm afraid, and LOTVIC, yeah, not the first time obviously, when I registered on this site yesterday I foolishly thought it would be a direct line to PC Advisor's brains, but they've even ducked that one, think it could be time to stop buying it.

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