Having a clean up

  geoff47 13:47 17 Dec 2011

I occasionally have a clear out of the programs on my PC and want to know about some pretty hefty sized ones that show up. The one that appears several times down a list is Microsoft NET Framework in several incarnations, first one is 2.0 with service pack weighs in at 1475.94KB then there is 3.0 service pack 2.0 at 264.94KB then 4 Extended at 51.99 MB then Client profile at 38.80 MB followed yet again by 3.5 SP1 at 28.22MB

Can I afford to lose any of them to free up space ?

And what does Microsoft Visual C++ do ?

  cocteau48 14:14 17 Dec 2011

The .NET Framework installations are not essential but are required for certain third party programs to run. Obviously whether you need the .NET Framework depends on what you may have installed.

The versions of .NET Framework are cumulative and each one builds on,and does not replace, the previous ones.

  rdave13 14:25 17 Dec 2011

Visual C++

Personally I'd leave well alone.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:27 17 Dec 2011

Yes you need all the .NET framework

No you don't need MS Visual C++ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visual_C%2B%2B

Use CCleaner to get rid of all temp and old files (very safe to run)

To save more space if your machine is running OK you can get rid of the MS update backup files that are liste in the windows folder in blue and start with $

Also reduce the amount of space that is available for windows restore http://www.tomstricks.com/how-to-reduce-disk-space-used-by-system-restore-in-windows-vistaxp/

  geoff47 14:57 17 Dec 2011

That will do for me, thanks.

I know I was prompted to get Net framework some time ago, but cannot remember why now, but I will leave it be. Think it might have been for a CD burner.

Thanks for putting me straight.

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