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Having begged for help ..

  johndrew 15:58 10 Oct 2011

.. in this thread I though maybe if I started another it may stimulate someone.

Currently I'm using IE (which has suffered the same problem recently) to access the internet, but it is very slow compared to Firefox.

In addition to all that I have done and mentioned in my previous thread, I have fully uninstalled Firefox - including all Profile data and done a clean reinstall. The first thing it did was go into 'Not Responding' mode.

I think I have gone as far as I can with this problem without major help. Can anyone make any suggestion as to a way forward? Would perhaps a Repair to XP offer any advantage? A complete OS reinstall is a task that I really don't want to face with all the various software and registrations involved.

  spuds 13:06 14 Oct 2011

I have tried a whole variety of spyware programs,some with good and some with poor results, Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware seem to be the two that as good reviews. I have used Malwarebytes and am at present trying- testing SuperAntiSpyware. So it might be worth a look at for the download of that program or reviews and downloads of many others?.

Would mention that I was having 'router' suspicion due to its recent activity of erratic behaviour, but ruled this out because I have spent a few months with my ISP and BT in resolving some serious service and connection issues. People have suggested hardware problems, but as I have previously stated, my problem seemed to eventually point to a confliction with the browser programs and possible update. The computer now seems to function very well since I sorted that out (we will have to wait and see!).

  johndrew 14:15 14 Oct 2011


Thanks for coming back.

Malwarebytes free definitely doesn't have real time protection and I feel pretty certain SuperAntiSpyware is much the same. This is the reason I was using Spyware Terminator.

  johndrew 12:16 15 Oct 2011

Well it looks as if Spyware Terminator was the cause of all my woes. Whether it is a conflict with AVG is appearing less likely as AVG has no effect on running the browsers and other software affected. Additionally I have found that with Spyware Terminator running there is an apparent affect on getting my router to connect.

From what I can gather from the Spyware Terminator Forums this is not the first time such problems have arisen; they have, in the past, been resolved quickly with the help of membership.

I have started a thread on the Spyware Terminator Forums with a view to attempting to have these problems resolved. If anyone wishes to follow it the link should take you there.

Many thanks to all for the assistance and support you have provided in the diagnosis of this problem.

  wee eddie 15:16 15 Oct 2011

48 hours ago I uninstalled Rapport.

I have not had a freeze since. I'll update this in the next 48 hours.

  johndrew 16:08 15 Oct 2011

wee eddie

Sorry, I'm not familiar with 'Rapport'. Is it some sort of security software?

  wee eddie 20:00 18 Oct 2011

October 18 and still no Freezes.

John ~ Rapport is a program, frequently supplied by banks, which checks that you are logged onto a Bona Fide Site and have not been scammed onto another, for nefarious purposes.

  johndrew 10:24 19 Oct 2011

wee eddie

I've learned something else so today isn't wasted! Many thanks.

It could be that it conflicts with some other security software on your PC as Spyware Terminator is doing on mine?

  wee eddie 11:17 19 Oct 2011

Possibly, but the freezes seem to have occurred when I logged out of a Site/Screen, that was taking too long to load, and onto another.

That no longer seems to happen now that I have deleted Rapport.

  johndrew 14:34 19 Oct 2011

I'm finding the apparent number of different bits of software that cause conflict of this nature quite mind numbing. There also seem to be some (once really good) utilities that no longer wish to function with much at all.

A great shame for overall security and (perhaps) a win for those who produce the nasties.

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