Having begged for help ..

  johndrew 15:58 10 Oct 2011

.. in this thread I though maybe if I started another it may stimulate someone.

Currently I'm using IE (which has suffered the same problem recently) to access the internet, but it is very slow compared to Firefox.

In addition to all that I have done and mentioned in my previous thread, I have fully uninstalled Firefox - including all Profile data and done a clean reinstall. The first thing it did was go into 'Not Responding' mode.

I think I have gone as far as I can with this problem without major help. Can anyone make any suggestion as to a way forward? Would perhaps a Repair to XP offer any advantage? A complete OS reinstall is a task that I really don't want to face with all the various software and registrations involved.

  Crosstrainer2 16:18 10 Oct 2011

It's possible that this is hardware related. Bad memory stick or overheating can cause the symptoms you describe. You don't say how much memory you have, but if you can try removing the modules, testing again and then re-instyalling them.

Check that your fans are all operating correctly. If this all fails to correct the problems consider borrowing a PSU if you can and try that.

If that fails to sort you out, then a re-install is probably your only option.

Whilst you are in the case, remove the graphics card, clean the fan or fans and reseat it in its slot.

Clean any dust from the ventilation areas as well. Good luck.

  T0SH 16:31 10 Oct 2011

There is an option from the start menu to run IE with no addons ?, if this one fixes your issue, then perhaps an IE restet from Tools Internet Options Advanced Tab to put it back as it came to you may offer a more permanent fix

Cheers HC

  wee eddie 17:03 10 Oct 2011

I think the problem may be similar to mine. Look for any common symptom of the Freeze.

I tried to analyse when my freezes occurred.

It looks like my XP PC will now freeze if I try loading/unloading, Programs/Screens/Web sites, too fast.

My solution. Slow down.


Like people, elderly computers can easily suffer from information overload, especially if one keeps bombarding them with new stuff. My PC's freezes were not occurring with software of the same generation as itself, but with the newer stuff. I now no longer expect my Pensionable Computer to behave like a Teenager.

I could replace it with a PC that is Concurrent with the Software that I'm using, but it does everything else I need it to except the latest Top of the Pops and Dance Craze.

  mrwoowoo 17:34 10 Oct 2011

Had a similar event on my sons pc. Turned out that one of the legs on his cpu heat sink had popped up away from the motherboard causing the cpu to overheat. Maybe you could check your temps through the bios? Or maybe a free programme.

enter link description here

Have you check to see if your pc needs defraging?

  johndrew 20:30 10 Oct 2011

Many thanks to all for coming back.


I have done all you suggest - other than reinstalling which I'm trying to avoid and a PSU change (would need to buy a new item). Found one memory down and replaced it in the process, see my link posts.


Have tried this with both Firefox (including Safe Mode) and IE with similar failures. This is what makes me think it is across the board, even offline.

wee eddie

There is merit in what you say, but even when I allow the CPU to be at maximum (99%) idle it can happen. Old age yes, but this PC is sick somewhere.


I check temps/fans with Everest Home. Currently CPU 47degC fan 4963 RPM, just after another 'Not Responding' episode. The rest are good as well, but I will have another look in thecase to check out the CPU heatsink in case. Have also full defragged, sfc /scannow, chkdsk on all with no findings.

  sunnystaines 20:53 10 Oct 2011

run any reg cleaners that might have deleted good stuff?

  Les28 09:14 11 Oct 2011

even when I allow the CPU to be at maximum (99%) idle it can happen- so it's not directly an online problem, it happens at desktop with no applications open ie no IE or FF running?

I was wondering how the pc runs in safe mode for a good length of time and safe mode with networking for some time and how it runs with the router switched off and disconnected in normal mode.

Have you had a look in the logs for your anti-virus anti-spyware to see if anything had been quarantined or deleted about the time of this problem starting? Sometimes running Winsock Fix for XP after deletion of adware malware etc can help restore connectivity, maybe a last resort before a repair or full install of XP

enter link description here

Has anyone asked how many ticked startup items you have in msconfig startup list and also how many running non microsoft services you have running in services tab in msconfig and what they're for and how many processes shown in task manager when running at desktop?

You've had a look for bad caps on the motherboard?

Do you know if your page file is fragmented?

Have you deleted flash cookies and java temp int files?

Is the cpu a P4 and you could perhaps run a Throttle Watch log?

Tried a different mouse and keyboard, USB instead of PS/2 or vice versa?

Nothing showing in Device Manager in when Viewing resources by type and connection?

  johndrew 09:32 11 Oct 2011


I must admit I've not tried Safe Mode; I shall now though.

I have checked all Logs with nothing being apparent. I ran an AVG check yesterday (again) it came back clean as usual; Malwarebytes hung so I shall try to run that later. I have downloaded Winsock and will run it - hadn't crossed my mind.

Previously had a look inside the case at all units connections, condition, damage and saw nothing of import. Reseated everything when the failed memory was replaced (I did the pair).

Have cleaned out everything.


Both mouse and keyboard are PS/2. As with PSU would need to buy new to try replacement.

Device Manager shows everything working normally.

  Les28 09:40 11 Oct 2011

Mouse keyboard could try one of these, always useful

enter link description here

  rdave13 09:42 11 Oct 2011

'Malwarebytes hung'. Run it when you're in safe mode.

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