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Having bad wifi connection in different room

  Midgar7 10:48 13 Apr 2017

Hi Downstairs where the router is i get about 40mbps down speed. When i'm in my bedroom though my down speed is a shocking 0.3mbps. Anything i can do to help this?

My router is in front my TV on a desk in my living room. My bedroom upstairs isn't even that far from it.

I'm finding this very frustrating.

  onthelimit1 11:15 13 Apr 2017
  Secret-Squirrel 11:59 13 Apr 2017

When i'm in my bedroom though my down speed is a shocking 0.3mbps.

What is the signal strength in your bedroom? If it's not particularly weak then your problem could be caused by wireless interference - perhaps from a neighbor's equipment. Changing the wireless channel in your router can frequently help for the 2.4GHz band. For the UK, channels 1,6,and 13 are the ones to try.

  Burn-it 14:20 13 Apr 2017

If it IS using the 5Ghz band that is not at all surprising. That band is fine over short distances, but has poor penetrating power. I use 5Ghz in the same room, but 2.4 from my bedroom. What you really need to worry about is your real EXTERNAL speed which is likely to be a lot lower anyway so the internal speed relly won't matter much. Don't forget that often the speed quoted is the maximum speed or connected rate which is not the real transfer speed. Also the issue of bits vs bytes is often deliberately confused.

  Midgar7 22:55 13 Apr 2017

Am i right in assuming these Homeplugs boost the signal? It ranges from 3 to 5 bars, can get stuck on 3 bars quite a lot.

I even removed a cuboard and TV from my room that's between where i am in my room and the router is downstairs. Made no difference, after that the only thing between me and the router is a wall.

Odd thing being, from sitting on my bed. My down speed is 0.3. When i move closer to the wall in my room i get up to about 16mbps. Still less then half of what i get downstairs though. So it's the wall? Basically. I'm using the 2.4GHz band. My Laptop doesn't support 5GHz.

I'll see about changing the wireless channel and see if that helps.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:57 14 Apr 2017

............It ranges from 3 to 5 bars...........

I'm not convinced that your problem's being caused by poor signal strength if your laptop's reporting it's good to excellent.

I'll see about changing the wireless channel.........

Log into your router and experiment with those three wireless channels I suggested.

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