Have you purchased a Lexmark X5150 Recently?

  spuds 20:18 06 Oct 2003

About 2 months ago, I purchased a Lexmark X5150 4in1 printer. Having ironed out various installation problems via emails and telephone calls to Lexmark, I am still unable to get the fax facility to function.

Question: If you have one of these printers. Have you been able to get the fax facility to work.If so - How.

Lexmark told me to use CD2,but as this is for Macintosh, and I am using Windows XP Pro, which is CD1. Then this information is quite not correct, for me to rectify the problem. Lexmark technical now seem to have gone silent on the matter.

  spuds 23:28 06 Oct 2003

mark e - Tried the disk [CD2] for dual format, but computer just tells me that it is wrong format for Windows,and ceases activation.Regards.

  spuds 19:46 08 Oct 2003

Looking at the large amount X5150 being sold by PCW, someone must have recently installed one of these printers.???

Lexmark technical are still in silent mode (;o(

  spuds 19:37 09 Oct 2003


  spuds 20:44 10 Oct 2003

Finally received an email from Lexmark.They are still advicing that I use the Macintosh CD2 disk?

My computer doesn't reconize this cd. Back to square one?.

I will tick this as resolved!!.

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