have you overclocked ti4200 graphic card?

  pookie 13:23 07 May 2003


1.9xp athlon, 512Mb ddr pc2100, xp home, ecs k7 s5a mobo and gainward 64mb ti4200 (not golden sample version) with 41.xx drivers.

I've been reading about overclocking and have the instructions on how to do it. My system is stable but I'd like abit more (fps and detail) from UT 2003/etc. I've read that it's best to concentrate on memory clock frequency for best results. My temps from sisoft sandra are always in mid to late 30s.

Has anyone with this graphic card overclocked and to what core and memory frequencies? What were results like in gameplay and also 3d mark score?



  vaughan007 13:36 07 May 2003

Go to click here

This is a website run by people pretty much obsessed with overclocking there PC's.

There is a forum system there, very much like this one.

The poeple in the forum will answer any question you may have about overclocking! They cant get enough of it.

I have posted a few questions there in the past and got very good responses.

Hope you make some nice overclocking friends.

  pookie 08:41 08 May 2003

vaughan007 - many thanks although I have to look through your linked site yet.

for what it's worth my defaults are clock core 250Mhz and memory 513Mhz. I did 'up' the memory to 575Mhz last night and my 3d score went up about 300 points which when put in terms of fps isn't really that much of an improvement. I'll maybe push it abit more tonight.



  vaughan007 14:24 08 May 2003

Overclocking can improve performance a lot.

Just be careful you dont fry your components.

Have fun!

  pookie 09:24 09 May 2003


Just an update. I put memory to 573 and core clock to 265. 3D score is up about 350 which I was disappointed at but boy did it make a difference when playing games. The fps was up 30+ in quite a few areas.


  Sion 11:27 09 May 2003

click here

its a test of overclocking a ti4200.

  pookie 12:39 09 May 2003


Great link - many thanks


  pookie 13:22 09 May 2003

Sion - just sat down and read properly through your link.

I stand corrected - my increase of 350 in 3d score that I thought was poor takes my score to very marginally less than a 128Mb ti4400. No wonder games play alot quicker now. :-)

  Sion 17:03 09 May 2003

Glad to have helped. Out of interest, what is your 3DMark 2001SE score now you have overclocked? I'm interested as i have a similar set up to yourself (2000xp, 256DDR, Ti4200) and was wondering what performance increase you got.

How far did u Overclock it as well?

  cdb 17:33 09 May 2003

Just curious, are you using 3dmark2001? If so, what benchmark score did you get?

  Sion 18:15 09 May 2003

My current score is 9400. Give or take 2 points each way, i don't have the exact figures on me. Thats with default settings (1024x768, no AA etc)

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