Have you got an illegal copy of Windows on your pc

  Doire_Bhoy 08:48 10 May 2006

Take a look at this

click here

  anskyber 09:01 10 May 2006

No I have not and thats fine by me.

  johnnyrocker 09:03 10 May 2006



  Doire_Bhoy 09:06 10 May 2006

I just warning people of whats around the corner.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:08 10 May 2006

About time and rightly so.


  Urbanwarrior 09:11 10 May 2006

No, and why should anyone else, bloody pirates, too bad they dont wear eye-patches, microsoft would find them easily then

  johnnyrocker 09:12 10 May 2006

it is time that 'genuine' users got some benefits from paying for the real thing.


  Doire_Bhoy 09:23 10 May 2006

Someone will find a patch to combat it though. Thas usually the case.

  anskyber 09:38 10 May 2006

They have, and I know someone who has done it. For me however there are real advantages in having a "proper" copy. (apart from the legality point)

  Diodorus Siculus 09:53 10 May 2006

[quote]Starting tomorrow, the software giant will permanently flag personal computers that are not running a genuine copy of Windows.[/quote]

Has anyone seen this yet? First I've heard of it and the article was dated April 30th.

  sikefula 09:56 10 May 2006

it's about time companies like Microsoft start to charge reasonable prices for their software-once it becomes too dear,people are always going to find ways of getting it cheaper or an alternative-sadly this means going the piracy route for some.Same is true with ilegal music downloads,the cost of the cd is way off the mark-there is a theory the whole thing costs less than 50p to make but look at the prices in shops-unbelievable!

Yes I do have the legal copy!

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